KA ULA INO (the red plague)


…me and my cousins want you to know a few things…

So, there is yet another battle going on, between an indigenous people and westernized thinking.

It is not just the Kalalau valley about which I am writing. There needs to be a new way of thinking about Hawaiians as a whole, and in that thought process it needs dearly to be understood that we are pau being nice, pau making it so that those who want us to think in the manner that they think (which is that tangibility is what matters and ownership of that tangible stuff is what makes a person powerful…ummm….NOT).

The ‘tangible stuff’ is not really stuff at all, but, is instead our Sacred Land. I make it no secret that I am Hawaiian, that I am proud to be Hawaiian, and that in terms of my ancestry, I think I speak for ALL Kanaka Maoli when I state that indeed, I am able and it is inborn that I will practice living and life through and with an energy of kindness and the motivating factor behind it is the energy of Alo’ha.

Now, practicing Alo’ha is fine and good and all that other stuff BUT, that we practice Alo’ha is not indicative of our being weak-asses.

Put it this way – we hail from warriors, from chiefs and from Seers, from Sorcerers and Medicine practiced the old Hawaiian way…our Ancient people lived off of the land.

There are people, right now, who are not only living off of the land, but actually parasiting it, siphoning from it the life and the Alo’ha contained with Na ‘iwi O Na Kupuna…The Bones of the Ancients….literally. These people…these…counter-culturists…want you all to believe that we Hawaiians all over the world are somehow wrong for wanting EVERYONE ON THE PLANET to (and excuse my lack of grammatical markers) nana i ka maka a ho’olohe i ka pepeiao – PAY ATTENTION !!!!

Yeah – it is that important that everyone does…EVERY FUCKING BODY NEEDS TO PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION BEGINNING NOW

It all started with this person named Ryan…and I have thusly named him “The Red Plague”…because in order to be ill, physically, we have to catch the invader…



This bruddah…Ryan North….tells us that he lives the “pono” life, but, what is Pono, exactly?

If you are Maoli, it is EVERYTHING…it is our level, our sense of integrity. All of who I know also knows, for real, how important integrity is to this Hawaiian – it is of the most tantamount in importance, next to Alo’ha….

So, in knowing that much, you would also know, as well, that this person named Ryan who believes himself to be a one time “resident” of the Kalalau Valley – you also know that his acts of total defiance (albeit in the sweetest way possible that he can try and manipulate us) are not appreciated, at all. And now there is an entire new set of invaders and these ones think that us Kanaka are way off base (and no we are not – go fuck yourselves…I said it, so deal with it…)

But even THAT is not what is my major malfunction….here is a video…of one of the “residents” of Kalalau Valley (actually Maui…whatevahs)  and is also the very one who really set me into this mode of wanting to make it known to the world that we are, on behalf of those who we share our magnificent culture with, no longer just going to stand by and continue to allow ANYONE – including those who also live in the valley and who share ancestry with us (you should know better, traitor) – it is time to get the hell OUT of Kalalau.

You each and all know very well that there is no such thing as a legal resident who can actually say, for real, that they live in Kalalau Valley. And we know that you will not ever do that, because you know that it is illegal to live there. It is a state park – no one lives at any state park.

And to those business owners who fail to pay their taxes? Yeah – thanks….it is because you do this that the DLNR does not have enough money to actually go into the forest and get these people OUT of Kalalau Valley.

In fact – let us get this one thing very straight, right this moment…please pay the fuck attention – there are SEVERAL very GOOD reasons as to why it is that a whole bunch of Hawaiians (BLOOD – NOT BORN THERE) are very dearly upset. This is because we do not see those islands as a mere vacation in paradise. To us it is home. We would not, and we do not, at least a giant majority of us, come to your home, take a dump in your yard, eat our food and leave our trash everywhere, treat you like you are somehow at our service and then have the very nerve to expect us to be kind to anyone who would think that we like having to tell anyone this stuff?

Then you add to all of this, the idea that this person seems to like this attention, because there are a ton of women who are thinking that he is the sweetest person on the planet and a whole lot of men who think he is their ‘bro’ and while that well may be the case, y’all forgot about an entire different set of people, and people who are not going to go away any time soon and not going to stand down ever, until every person who is not supposed to be residing in the Kalalau Valley is no longer there.

I do not care if you have Hawaiian blood…you do not belong in there and making things all…moilepo.

I do not care if you think you are entitled, by right of your airfare and your fantasies and your god damned arrogance…you do not belong in there making it seem like you bought the right to be there….you bought the right to VISIT for a set number of hours and days. Your fuckin’ day pass into the valley was not your right to stay in there permanently and turn the valley and my ancestors’ graves your personal paradise. It ain’t. It belongs to the people of Hawaiian ancestry, and the people who are making the biggest noise are the very ones who are there and doing what no Hawaiian person is doing, at least the majority of us, which is ABIDING, NOT BY THE GOVERNMENT’S RULES BUT, BY THE RULES OF THE ‘AUMAKUA, THE RULES OF THE ANCIENTS

I do not give one, two or three shits about what it is that you came to the valley for – whether or not we believe you is the thing that you have to think about and whether it is or not that you think you are being nice matters not – we are tired of having to think of things in the manner that is you think you are allowed there, but we know that no one is, and that is not something that was only set out by your fucking government (or, that is, your ANCESTOR’S government…which begat this current very racist and ignorant government) but was set by the Ancients,

And lots of people who are posting to a certain group page have it in their heads that somehow, we must be insane to think that we would have anything to say, that all of us would gather together online much like the red plague dude gathered his dirty okole masses and chose to allow them to do as they are, which is following that dude down into the valley to experience the red plague’s Hawaii.

Here is more news for ya – IT AIN’T RYAN NORTH’S – AND IT AIN’T YOURS EITHER!

save kalalau valley meme

Ryan North is a criminal, a drunk and a crazy person – I can say that he is crazy because I can tell my own (mental) kind BUT, what he does with his pupule is not the same thing that I do with mine, and what I am doing with mine is gathering the masses for the biggest hukilau on earth – the one that ferrets out the invaders from the forest where our Ancestors still roam this earth.

SO, with that much said, my cousins and I are currently making it known that there is something in Kauai that is eating the soul of the valley….and his name is Ryan North, and his followers are numerous, and they are all telling damned nearly EVERY Kanaka who dares to defend what is ours, that we are wrong. They laugh at us, tell us that we have to ….yes – HAVE TO…share with them what they have already taken pains to make us know (but NEVER TO ACCEPT) the idea that we have to do anything at all for people who are entitled, who have no idea what it means to do things Pono and who have zero clue of the reason why we fight like hell

It is simple…anyone who is stating that they are living in the Kalalau Valley on the island of Kauai is a criminal. It is protected land. It is our heiau in the middle of the ocean, is our Sacred valley, more so than the rest of the islands for one reason …BECAUSE WE ARE KANAKA MAOLI, righted by birth as such, that makes it that much more important to us all that these people get their fucking red plague and their own sorry asses OUT OF THE KALALAU VALLEY – TODAY !

As a last note…I would like the people who want to tell us that we are being selfish that they really need to check themselves prior further wrecking themselves, because no matter what you each and all want to believe, we have the right to not just DEMAND that you all leave and never return, but, that you realize that you are messing with a culture that lives IN THE SPIRIT WORLD and hell yes – there are many several of us who live with one foot on each side of the Veil of Consciousness…


…I happen to be one of those people who walks between the physical and the unseen worlds, and what you who squat don’t understand is that we who have this command also command a LOT MORE THAN JUST OURSELVES. No one told you that Kahu aunties like myself, specifically those of us who hail from the 9th island…we ain’t only well versed in our own spiritual stuff…

…here is a hint…are you any good at math? can you say THREE TIMES THREE?

Blessed fuckin’ be…

To all of my hanai ohana, the Kanaka Maoli the world over, I leave you with the thought in your heads that for generations, we have tried relentlessly to come together and be one Ohana. For far too long, we have seen one another as lesser than, as different from, and not alike.

The one thing that this buggah did was the one thing that we could not do….he made us come together for this common cause of reclaiming our Selves, with the energy of Lokahi, and the inner fire that collectively screams the primal scream and sounds like ONIPA’A across the grabd and wide, deep blue Pacific that is our home. Ryan North…you and your followers are pau – gone like the day is long, and it is but a matter of time. You manifested this, by the way – and you did a shitty job of it because you likely did not foresee this end result and were likely not thinking that you and yours would be found out to be the dirty okoles that you each and all are.

My brothers, my sisters, and damned sure my bad-ass cousins….this is our time.

This is our battle, our fight….

Ultimately, it will become our victory, not just for ourselves, but, for those people who call us Mom, Dad, Auntie, Unko, Tutu….

This is not now, nor has it ever been only about us…

Try tink, yeah?






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