Years later…

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There is no excuse for abuse…

Indeed…it is Domestic Violence awareness month.

Usually I am much more…excited…at this time of the year because yeah…I am sort of one of those women who walks on both sides of the Veil – indeed, I am one of those…Heebie Jeebie kind of aunties…the sort who are not that worried about a big scary god.

Halloween is my Christmas, and October is like my December…I give my time and my experience at this time of year, and the things that I have to share with the world in regards to domestic violence and how unaware we really are is not only a lot of information but, is organic.

I lived it.

I went through everything that you read about here no matter what you are reading. I experienced all that you are reading and I found out that there are a lot of you who are reading this who have also gone through the whole….bullying adults, and other family members who thought it was hilarious to laugh about it when someone else…typically one of our cousins…was gonʻ get leekenz.

There are things and ways of being that I have stopped the practice of, because I never started them, and to a few of the older generation in my life, they think that I did this parenting thing all wrong.

I did not have to beat, bully or belittle my kids to help them become the people who they are now. I allowed them to be who they were at every stage in their lives, and this continues now.

I am not them, and I cannot live their lives for them. I cannot make them do the things that come naturally to me. The only thing that I can do is love them, encourage them and give them the parent…the one that they have left in their lives….give them the parent that I, myself, did not have.

I never want them, even now, to feel that feeling that the people in their lives do not think very highly of them. I never want them to believe that they have to earn the love of the “big people” in their lives, and when it was that it felt like this is what they would have to do – earn what they so freely gave – they did like their mother taught them and turned and walked out of the lives of those people.

And like their mother, they did not shut the door to those people coming back BUT, the understanding is that we will not be coming to any of you, and that if you want to be part of our lives, you will have to come to us.

Among the things that I chose to NOT pass down to my kids, and the one thing that I refused to carry on into the future is this thing called rapt, even expected, fear-of-god type respect for the “adults” in our lives.

Far be it from anyone in this time and this day to bring up things that they havenʻt thought about for a long set of years. When the one thing that has been prevalent in oneʻs life for pretty much ALL the years of their life, and when one day comes along a person who would be able to give you an instance of what it is like to be loved, for real….and soon afterwards, comes the judgment.

And in my time on this planet, as both a female human being and also, Hawaiian, the one thing that no one wants to talk about is the rampant abuse that I am hoping is no longer the thing in my culture – the thing that tells us what I heard throughout childhood and the thing that, literally, in nightmares that happen more than they do not, hear now, all these years later…

“…hit first. Ask questions later.”


I am actually going out on a limb here because at this point in time in my life, I am at that place called HAD IT – I have had it with people thinking that somehow, all the shit that I went through, throughout my lifetime, was deserved by me, by any of us, or that by this time, I ought to be over it all (guess the fuck again) …and that thing is the abuse we were told was discipline, with any kind or sized slippahs, wooden spoon, belt, rolled up newspaper. Most of the time, we were beaten, not ONLY because we got out of line (okay, I can see it) but, when we chose to “be disrespectful” which typically was when we were brave enough not only to think thoughts that were original and ours, but also, to challenge the adults in our lives…the aunties and the uncles…with what we knew as the truth.

Lots of times, I got leekenz from an unnamed source because I would challenge what I was told by them, because I was taught by my father the actual and scientific truth. It dawns on me now that the reason that a lot of my momʻs family donʻt or didnʻt like my dad is NOT because he is just opinionated, but, because the man actually knew then what he knows now…and that is that he knew what he was talking about, and was educated enough to say so. It was not his fault, like it was not and is not my fault, that my dad taught me to never be stepped on by people who ought to know better and certainly, if you know that you are right, do NOT put up with being expected to believe the wrong shit. Right is right…that is called SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE which, the man taught me very well how to utilize in my life

The thing that I have been finding out a whole lot of is that mine was not the only childhood that is still causing nightmares, is still making it feel sometimes like I am never going to be accepted as I am by any of them…at which point I remember that I no longer care what these people think of me unless and until one of them has anything to say in deference to what I know was MY specific experience.

Just because someone else wants to call it discipline, it does not mean it is not actually abuse.

I am going to, maybe, get a whole lot of crap over this one, because those who are reading that whole….quote….from our collective childhood…knows EXACTLY who it was in our lives as kids who LOVED to say that shit and while they were not affected by it…they also were not who was made to endure this shit called abuse from people who ought to have known better. That they feigned ignorance, that they called it discipline and that they still believe, maybe, that this is what this shit was….it was not ever that, and I will tell all of you now – RIGHT NOW – it will never BE discipline.

It is not discipline when you need to feel like you have to scare a kid to follow your direction, and for that matter, you are already a big person, and to a little kid who is not yet even in Kindergarten, the hardest thing to deal with, at that time in our lives, is the thought in our heads that we are always in trouble, and that we always deserved to “get leekenz”….no the hell we were not.

How about letʻs call it what the hell it was?

Letʻs call it abuse, and letʻs say that right now, my proof that there were a whole lot of our family members in our childhoods who took great pleasure in making certain that we were controlled by them, even if and when it was that they seemed to always feel that it was a brute show of force that makes us behave.

They were right in that we did behave, because what little kid is going to want to get their asses kicked by someone who is three or four times taller than they are, and who are already afraid as it is (because they are little kids, duh) and more, have been given suggestive thoughts about how it is that we were expected to treat the adults in our lives back then.

“Back then” is called the 70s, the early 80s, and back then it was nothing for lots of parents and caretakers, and specifically in those cultures considered “indigenous” to equate discipline with the “right” to physically punish a child for “getting out of line.” In those days, “getting out of line” meant anything, really, because in those days a big person could get away with abusing little people.

I hate bullies.

I Hate them with a capital H and the most vehement passion that I can muster and why?

Because – I was bullied as a child, as much as a whole lot of us Hawaiian adults were when we were kids – a whole lot of us were prepared to become someone elseʻs abuse victim, and it was by route of wild aunties and the idea that what those who came before them wanted is still what is the norm now, and no – no it is not normal that little tiny kids would run in fear for their safety from being beaten the crap out of (that years later, I find, all on my own, that they werenʻt so tough – they were bullies….all of them) us by them.

And to a whole lot of us kids, namely the boys, this was…funny….

We would make jokes about getting and giving “dirty leekenz witʻ da mud on topʻ and hearing stories from my own parents about a woman who everyone refers to as being our “wild auntie” and here in this day and age, I am, with all of this hurt, and all of this abandonment, and none of that familial love I was brought up with and at least now I am only being told to get over it, when in the past I was expected to kiss their asses so that I would be forgiven for being myself.

Okay I get it from the side that is my paternal side and at this juncture in time, and seeing as how very few people from the other side of my family has been willing to even reach out to see if I am okay in the head, the way that good Hawaiians are expected to, they have chosen to just …say aloha ʻoe and well, from my island to theirs…


The idea that we are not supposed to feel like this after we have been not helped, and even though several of my own blood relations wanted to cure the violence in my life with further violence (and the one cousin who swears that he is a follower of Christ….yeah – these people wanted to get rid of the baby daddy with more violence….as if I needed more of that shit…keep reading…) and while I know that that was their….very sordid way…of telling me that they loved me (by right of that old testament with the eye for the eye…how very …GOP of you all…keep reading…).

And they did not think, at all, that maybe I might not want any violence in my life. Had it been like the one cousin who told me that she would like to (but was not going to) “bussacap in his ass” …and who was one of the ONLY people who came to my aid in the past….it might have been different. On that day I learned just exactly how much these people whoʻd been raised by a brute would deal with a person whose only past memories are rife with familial violence, of all sorts, and all of it to be called and excused as being “discipline.”

To this day I have nightmares about it, and to this day I still can hear their voices in my memories and no matter how much I want those memories to go away, the donʻt, and they donʻt because there is this thing called repetition, that the older generation likes doing, so as to stay in control of their brood.

This is not my imagining things, and the likelihood, again, of my getting all kinds of backlash for writing this is pretty good. And it is all because I hurt so badly, and am tired of hurting. I know that this is not the way to make shitty people own up to the things that they now know, because I have told them privately and still, they have not corrected it – so I will for them.

Again…LATER !!!

No. I am not over it, and I probably will not ever be.

It is not like every one of my family members just. themselves, were able (YES – ABLE) to get out of a marriage that was very well emotionally and spiritually over with a long, long time ago, but, because of a LOT of things, was only brought to a screeching halt about 6 months ago. I put the last nail in the coffinʻs proverbial lid in having a restraining order placed on my former spouse…because he looked for loopholes in the laws and found them, and the one that he can, that no one can ever get around is the loophole that tells us that no matter what – you disobeyed, and now you have to make amends for it.

Yet, no one thinks this way – they just believe that someone like me is going to get out of it and that that is going to be enough.

It is so not enough, and the more that I read my own words, the more that the next ones that you read…that it takes a very strong man to love a woman with an abusive past, because that man has to be able to understand when his love begins trippinʻ.

And he does.

In fact, the more that I think about the way that this man handles my emotional outbursts I am left wonder why it is that these same people who were supposed to have my best interest at heart, could not, like David has and does….make me feel okay, and remind me that I am safe in their presence?

Because they couldnʻt, as they, themselves, I now find, were not exactly feeling that safe in their own skin, and why?

It is how they were raised, that is why. And more, it is the way that lots of us Kanakas were also raised.

We were raised to get educated in the white manʻs schools, and then were told that these white men were evil. We were raised to take advantage of things that were meant to be ours, and instead we ended up fighting with each other every chance we got and why?

Because, we were taught this.

We were taught that in order to have anything, tangible or otherwise, that we have to fight for it, even if it means that sometimes, we have to go to blows with our siblings, have to take away from them whatever it is that we donʻt have because that is how you win – by fighting, rather than by trying to be the best person you can be, everyday.

You see, when talking about abuse, discipline is not the same as abuse. Disciplined children know that this is what they are.

Unfortunately, abused children do not, because they are taught to think that either way, they are being disciplined.

Usually, though, because now I am an adult, a mom, and one who has two adult kids of her own, it is because as adults we forget about what it was like to be that tiny and that vulnerable. We forget how afraid we were when we were that little and we forget that in front of us is this little human being who is absorbing things like a sponge and the one thing that we soak up when we are tiny little human people who have not been on this planet longer than 5 years is that…we are loved.

And more than that….we are loved, but with conditions and even worse than that…

…some of us were and are loved conditionally to this day by these people, and for the very life of THEM – they cannot change it. Not because they are old or set in their ways – the brain can be rehabituated at any age, even though it will take longer for new habits to form…it is still able to be remapped.

They cannot change it because they believe that they cannot, and then begins the repetition of things that cause us to go…pupule… and when we get there, we also know that the one thing that this always tells us is about the thing that we kept quiet about, for a long, long time.

I am not the only one who has. In my research and in my studies, I have found that there are a whole lot of others in our culture who are just like me.

At odds with our families, and always stressed out over what seems like a tiny infraction on their end but on our end, because of everything that was made to be a joke and to be laughed at, we are made to feel like we did, all those years ago, those tiny little people with all that fear, all because big people in our lives at that time couldnʻt deal with their own impatience, their own rage, their own feeling of lacking self worth, because yeah…they were beaten too, and it was also called discipline.

Why do I keep…rehashing…this?

Ummm…because until we are able to put down the slippah, we are always going to be just another statistic of indigenous people who are abusive to one another. The biggest black eye that tells us that this is the truth is that over time, because of all of this need for control still meted out to generations which follow their own…and sadly in my generation, where it ought to no longer exist….is that our women are dying at a phenomenal rate, and at the hands of their loved ones.

Not only or just the stereotypical lover or spouse, but, also by their families….cousins, siblings, aunties, uncles…you name it.

It has become fair game and pretty much all out war on women of indigenous origins.

Sad, yeah?

I am a woman of indigenous origins, as is my only daughter, and I am a woman who was not raised by a “tita” auntie. My mother is and has always been very much the lady. On the other side of that are my grandmother and my aunt on my dadʻs side – I do not give two shits what anyone thinks of my Auntie Bernadet – she is the shit when it comes to being the model for behavior, and as much shit as she and I have said to one another or said to anyone…I love this woman, because she has what seems very much like only the women on my dadʻs side seem to have…

Guavas…and not of the manchick sort which is the kind that gets your wild auntie who ought to have known better all those years ago that you were not liking the treatment at all, that you were not a little boy. In fact, there were a lot of women (not Auntie Bernie) who were either subservient or the opposite – way way over the top masculine in the their treatment of people, no matter what the hell anyone wants to think. The guavas are not acquired, but had through means of going through shit for real. My hat is off to her, really, because of all of my aunties, she is the one, as well as Unko Reggieʻs wife, Candy, who are as bad ass as I tell you that they are.

They are the ….aunties….of the planet, period. I am one of those…Wild Kine…Aunties, because I am also part of this thing called The Wild Women Movement, where it is that women of a certain age are not scared to be called “The Crone” and where it is that we encourage our daughters to dare to be as outrageous as we have dared our very selves to be.

I suppose that what I am trying to tell all of us is that there is no more need for the wild aunties of the planet to be at all violent, and if you were like I was, which was sort of raised by my mom with the help of one, then you know what I am trying to tell you.

We are now those people, the ones who are called Auntie, and in order for us to make certain that people grow up to be the sort of humans that we would want as representing who we are for real, then we also need to stop with the ignorance and all of the violence, and we absolutely have got to knock it off with all of the abuse that we want to call discipline.

And really, I do not give one, two, or three and a half shits about who reads this and who I share DNA with and who is going to have the power in my life to make me take my words back. I will do no such thing.

That is for those of us on this planet who are not trying to exact change.

You see, what I am doing, folks, is called my part in stopping the violence, my part in stopping the legacy of floating leis on the Pacific…whether it is your side, or mine here on #TheRockin9th – there needs to be no more leis floating on the Pacific, and there needs to be no more violence that is called discipline.

Children are people. Little girls grow up to become women who pass on those things that they learned, no matter how they learned, to their own daughters.

The one thing that I know that I have brought to my daughterʻs life is that she is right and good and even well placed in her thought that she is meant to be all that she can be…

…no matter who says what, not even her stupid dad….

Because that is how her mama taught her.

It is time to stop with calling abuse, discipline.

Slippah is meant for wearing, not for ruining tiny little people with…





be aloha.jpg





“Mālama means Care”: The #AuntieSaidNO #StopTheViolence campaign for 2017

Malama Green Front.jpgAll Hawaii, Stand Together

(The Late Dennis Pavao, RIP Bruddah)

I could sit here being pissed off, but, nah….

…we have plenty of that already.

Well that, and hurt…

And who can blame us, right? This ENTIRE COUNTRY is in mourning.

Finally, a whole bunch of us cares.

It is not a secret – there are a whole lot of us there, the place to which a lot of us here in Southern California refer to as being “Island 9.5 .” And, far be it from me to question their…Hawaiianness… think this way, yeah?  We are not different.

We are the very same.

Our zipcodes, and more, what geographic location on this planet means very little, and now …right now, you folks…it is time that All Hawaii Come Together…




From my ʻaina, #TheRockin9th…to yourʻs …#TheOG8….and of course, no can forget about what a lot of little geeks on my side of the ocean refer to as being “Island 9.5,” and it fits.

It does not matter one tiny bit at this time, because no matter what anyone tells me – this shooting in Vegas, for all of California, is kind of a big, giant, sumbitch of a deal….it IS, after all…#Island9Point5.

And we love our people to the east and the north of us.

We would all would be very hard pressed to find a whole lot of people on this planet who donʻt love Las Vegas. I have met very few people who donʻt like it there. We all love it there.

And no matter what anyone wants to believe, we love our ohana in Las Vegas. For a very long time, there was this..unspoken….ridiculousness that was about keeping us divided (again) and trying very hard to bring those horridly divisive ways of being here to this side of the ocean.

We know that it takes as long for you folks to acclimate, just like when one of us over here takes our family that was created here to go live over there…either way, to the west and the south to old Hawaii Nei, or, to the north and the east, to “Island 9.5″…none other than Sin City, and the place where a lot of us have migrated to.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

To all of you…and on behalf of at least the island people, from every island in the pacific, we are with you. We know that you are not used to this sort of thing, and as soon as a lot of you got here, and you started to get settled in to your new lives here on this side of the ocean, and finding out that us guy on this side, born and raised….we not so different, yeah?

Sure….some of us guys on this side of the wattah….some of us could drown in a rainstorm…so stuck up and hi-maka maka…

And we get it – we donʻt understand, though, how they can be that way…I get it, really. But, that is neither here nor there and we are pretty well over those days, I like to believe. Our people have a very difficult history, and even now we are fighting with our own people, the very ones in office – we have that, too…


I Promise.

We get it.

What else we get is that, the one thing that is always going to be common to us, as was proved in Texas when our people were out there, rescuing others, feeding others stew and rice and homegrown kine Aloha, using those skills they learned from their mom guys, their aunties, and of course, every one of us learns a whole, whole lot from our Tutu Ladies….


She taught me a whole lot. I was very close to her.

I look a whole lot like her. She was the very epitome of the essence that is and ought to be the very core of the each of us who is Keiki o Kaʻaina – Children of the Land….the Essence That Is Aloha…

…I am from California. Lots of us are. Many of us were born and raised here, and really, the entirety of us Kanaka Maoli, we are all the measure of Aloha that right this moment, our country, and every human being with a heart, a soul, and internet access knows about this horrible, terrible tragedy.

There is nothing more that I would love to be able to do, right this moment, than to go there, myself and many others, and volunteer my time and my heart and soul and hell yes my blood…but, my life calls that I be here.

Since I am here, in Los Angeles, and since I cannot be there, I have chosen to help the only way that I know I can – with my words – spoken…written…. prayed…

There is a place online called “The Rockinʻ 9th.” It is my “worthy causes” store. Whatever money that is made from these first bunch of shirts is going directly to the National Compassion Fund. You will have to click on the link to find out more about it. (And thank you for doing it if you do). I am not keeping a dime of it. It all goes to Las Vegas. (And if you want to, you can send an email to teespring campaigns, and ask them about the Malama means Care campaign, being brought to you by my store, The Rockinʻ 9th.

I donʻt know what else to say other than, from my island….The Rockinʻ 9th …to wherever you call your island….

All Hawaii Stand Together….

I Love You…All Of You….




New items and colors added daily. Click on the shirt to go to #TheRockin9th









The power of our intention is great, is bigger than all else. Using it wisely indeed does pay off.

This is not the typical writing that I have done of late.

This is different because against all odds, I was awarded a scholarship this past weekend. I was not expecting it to be what it was, and it was happily received.

I did not need anyone there to be with me, but he showed up. And suddenly it made all the difference in the world. If you knew what we had gone through, you would understand what is meant by “he is very tired.” He was there.

It made all the difference in the world.

I was not thinking that it was such a big fat deal, but, as the morning went on, it began to take on a very different energy – I had never been honored in such a way, ever, and never in my life had I had the evidence of what adhering to oneʻs own personal Kuleana was all about until I saw my name on the screen in big letters so everyone in that auditorium could also see.

I still have no idea what it is that I am feeling other than gratitude and accomplishment, and that is where I will start…


MALAMA ANA is the phrase that I am thinking is closest to what I think is the translation for accomplishment. I really do not know. I would have to ask my Auntie Stephanie. Doesnʻt matter.

1_Resized MtSac 2017 SCholarship winners

This photo was taken this past Saturday, June 10, 2017. Itʻs kind of grainy (because I do not have one of those super cool and grooy type phones that can run your life for you if you let it). These two young women are also recipients of scholarship monies – and I am positive, because I sat listening to the announcer stating the reasons why weʻd been awarded…

It had nothing to do with more than hard work. 

Nothing to do with our Maoli status, and nothing to do with people giving a break to people who are not exactly …colonial in any manner or matter at all. This photograph tells the world that we did what we were taught to do, and we did so with the greatest measure of Aloha and Kuleana for no one else but our very selves, our personal selves.

Mekemeke, Ruth and I did not get these awards because of our place as Maoli women – we were awarded these monies because we are very hard working, intelligent, deserving Maoli women, thatʻs why.

I can sit here now, after all the years of being told that the only reason that anyone would offer any kind of anything cool like a scholarship has every and only to do with our native origins. While that would be very cool, that is not what this was about.

Our school does not offer a Polynesian awards – only awards for having the ability to rise above life circumstance, and still make the grades, still be involved and still be a part of rather than apart from oneʻs life, not only as students, but as women…as humans.

To my fellow award winners….specifically the two in this photo with me…


Thanks for all of the love, and all of the support.

Thank you all for cheering us on, and thank you for not ever letting us think, ever, that we, as Maoli, were not able, via our athletic ability, or yeah….our way out frikkin akamai-ness…thank you for believing in us…

Thank you for making certain that we always believed in ourselves….

Mekemeke and Ruth…we are only schoolmates, but, because of our culture, we are also hanai ohana.

From this particular Los Angeles Auntie on the 9th, to you both, know now that the smile that is on my face is not only because I actually won something cool, but because it is my madness in this lifetime to make it known, not just to the other island folks on the 9th, but primarily to the young wahine on the mainland, who might be very far away from home and who, for the life of them, have no real idea what it is to see in their hands the evidence of their own greatness.

It is important that we, as these scholars, not only never forget that this is what we are, what we have been chosen as – NA MAMO…the descendants- but more, that we also never forget that the entire world of Maoli women, even if that world is only encased by the acreage called Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA…so be it – it is our Kuleana …our Soulʻs Responsibility….to wear the light of ourselves.

Yes, so the world can see through the veneer that it has chosen to see us through, the dusty lens that is not the real or the organic truth of us, not only as these scholars, neither these Maoli women, but mostly, as human beings here, experiencing all these things, comparing it all to what we have been told all of our lives is the collective thought about who we are, for real.

I know that every year, plenty of people on this planet are awarded with money for school.

Yet, when you have been told your entire life long that you are lolo, that you are lucky that you can cook and that you are pretty and that at least you can teach other people that thing called (ugh) the “hula hula”….none of that matters anymore, because someone who does not know you personally, and someone who only knows your story, your GPA, your locality, the idea that you are involved at school and in your community…someone who does not know you, or maybe does not know you very well, believes in you, in us.

Lots of people are awarded scholarship money, I know, but not a lot of people can say these words, write these words, mean these words, and not a lot of people who are not Maoli – namely this Maoli Auntie writing these wordsare going to know exactly the importance of what it is that we have accomplished not only for ourselves, but, for our people.

Yes…think that way for a moment if you would, please.

You are the shining example of what is that thing …that thing called hard work. We were granted Nā mea hoʻohana – the very tools needed, in order to do this, by the gods and the goddesses and by the very ʻAumakua who we each and all go to in times of prayer and trial…

To you both…congratulations for being very hard working, very good, very intelligent Island women….and thank you for being the model of who and what we each and all possess as those island women, knowing full and well the moment that you heard your name, as much as it was for me, one of those moments….

…one of those moments that we, the very all of us as humans, end up experiencing from time to time…With all the lights, and the crowd, and the cheering of your name as you graced the stage for that moment….

Rock Star moments rule…right?

Mahalo to all those people who believed in us, and more, to those people who didnʻt…

It is because you fueled the fire, those who did not, and made it so that Madame Pele would rear her head in the each of us, show you what itʻs like to make a fire, then show you what it is like to dance around it as you watch, wishing you could join…

These young women, and even that old one, in this photo are physical evidence that we, as Maoli people, are able to become that which we have been told is not for us, is what we are to loathe, is….somehow….colonial…and it ainʻt…

Itʻs called beating them at their own game….

Think that way for once please….


I gotta study….got finals this week…

Mekemeke….Ruth….you two girls….congrats! 


You deserve it !

Love always…

Auntie Rox








I ku mau mau  (IKU WA!)

Hawaiians-  Let’s stand together and make some noise.

For the entirety of our lives, Hawaiians of my generation, and even that of my own parents’ generation, have been trying to best one another from either side of the ocean, and of late, there is a group of us here, both on the mainland and at home in the ‘Aina, who are standing together, standing strong and tall and refusing to stand down.

We are living that thing called Aloha, that other thing called Lokahi, and living in the energy that is ONIPA’A is like wearing our skin – second nature.

The recent last weeks have caused there to be a culmination of things that have been in the making for many generations, and of course, as per usual, this writing is about these things that we, as Kanaka Maoli, living wherever we live, trying hard to keep the Aloha culture alive on this planet.

It is not a secret that for as long as anyone can recall, there have been issues with squatters all over the islands, and while it is not okay that this happens, and while it is that we each and all know and understand this, the one thing that we are not okay with is the idea that the rest of the world gets to continue telling us who we are, gets to continue abusing our natural resources and without batting a fucking eye – continue to abuse the people of Hawaii the world over because that is what we are thought of as being – so welcoming that we are going to let others take advantage of us, control who we are by controlling what is inherently ours. What is inherently ours is this energy call Alo’ha, and that  measure of Aloha is being chipped away by a generation of people who seem not to care about a god damned thing other than having a good god damned time…in Hawaii…unchecked…and they expect us to just deal with it. 

Ummm…no…in fact FUCK NO will we be doing that shit any further. When you visit the Hawaiian islands, one must NEVER forget that people live there, that it is not some mother fucking playground for spoiled, entitled CLUELESS people from all over the world – IT IS A PLACE OF ANCESTRY AND HISTORY AND YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU VISIT OUR HOMELAND.

And believe it when I say it because I KNOW I am saying it for EVERY HAWAIIAN PERSON ON THIS PLANET, even the ones who are too afraid or too ashamed to stand up for their people – fine…visit, but, when you are done visiting, take ALL OF YOUR TRASH AND ALL OF YOUR SHIT…sometimes LITERAL SHIT…OUT of wherever it was that you VISITED and GO HOME!

Hawaii, even as it is my Ancestral home, it is not my zip code, but that does not matter. What matters is that it is the zip code of my bloodline, of my heritage and many, many family members there and abroad, blood and hanai – we asked, for generations, very kindly even that people Kokua us by practicing what is known as Malama’aina and, well, you said you would…but you nevah…none the less, this writing is meant as the rallying call to every Hawaiian person all over the world to remember who you are, take up your paddle and join in the din…I Ku Mau Mau…

Stand the fuck up


Regardless of the fact that as of yesterday, people have been arrested and taken out of the Kalalau Valley on the island of Kaua’i, and indeed, there is much celebration all over the world in the lives of Maoli people everywhere – entitled people are giving us heat, making it seem like we ought to not fight back but, you are not dealing with the generations who led to ours. Ours is the one that is that of Madame Pele, and whether that means anything to anyone at all, what it totally means for real is that the time has come for us to STOP fighting and START reviving our culture and our place as Ka Po’e O Ka Wai – The People of the Water.

Bottom line is that we are sick to death of hating our own, and lots of us don’t care to carry on the hatred, even though it is very difficult to do just that – to just stop the bullshit.

However, the one thing that will bring any two groups of the same people who seem to have nothing but their Ancestry in common, the group of Kanaka Maoli, specifically in my age group, a couple of us chose to join in the fight to take back our culture, to make certain that people get it – it is cool with us if you want to visit and hell yes..we are totally fine and good with it if you are interested in learning our ways – spiritual, economical, historical, whatevahs….thing is, we do NOT want you to desecrate our lands, our culture, our people.

Over time, and most recently, there have been people on Kaua’i, most of them not Hawaiians, trying hard to make the collective of Hawaiians all over the world see things from their side, but, they were not, and are still not, willing to see things from the point of view of the people to whom those islands matter the very most …yup…US GUYS…Na Mamo….Kaulana Na Pua….us guys….the cherished and famous children of Hawai’i.



It means “solidarity” and solidarity is everything when we are trying to get the attention of the world. What started out as being just a few people on a few social networks has become something much bigger than a whole lot of us thought it would ever get to be. We have, within a very short few weeks, proved without doing more than raising the awareness of the world about our beloved, Sacred Island of Kaua’i. It is because of this thing that a whole lot of us have now joined in and volunteered our voices, our words, our energies and our hearts to, this…Freeing Hawaii from the things that people can’t stop doing, which is pretty much disrespecting every single thing that is everything Kanaka Maoli.

This is a huge issue for us, damned nearly all of us, and it is of particular interest to us here on the 9th island – we feel you, we understand you, and we are here, as we have proven, as we are meant to be. We are here, from the 9th, our voices carrying over the Pacific Ocean, in the kahea back to the Ancestors, back to the ‘Aina, back to where every single one of us who has the right by birth to call ourselves Kanaka Maoli.

This is our fight, the very one that tells us that we cannot huli over, cannot stop, that we have to keep going on, keep raising the awareness and keep on doing this that we are doing, and doing so with an energy of Kupa’a – solidarity.

So, to all da kanakas, all over the world, my cousins and I would like you to know something…

This is for us all, you guys. This means that your voice is also important, as is your Hawaiian heart, soul, self. We were born into a culture that is all Aloha, that is welcoming and that is rich with history that is in no history book used in our modern school systems.

This is meant for us to come together, finally, be one unit, and learn to love the distance between us here on this side, and you there on that side, but mostly to realize and understand that truly, the Kalalau arrests over this past weekend proves that we can come together for the good of our people, for the continuing revival of our ways, for the salvation of the land itself, and most of all, for the preservation of who we are, as a Native People. 

Let us be that one unit, you folks.

The one that stands together, fights with each other but FOR each other, instead of continuing to be at odds. The one that makes it so that the following generations, the ones who call us “Mom” and “Dad” and who, for the life of them, no not their place in the Universal groove thing.

The one that is strong like the sea, swift like the wind, ferocious like the raging caldera at the top of every single Sacred mountain top that is ours.

The one that refuse to see things through the eyes of self-loathing, that refuses to stand down so that we can stand up and continue to rise like the molten lava in the deepest middle earth.

The one that remembers who we are, and the one who knows that our keiki – they are all watching us, waiting for us to give them direction, hope and the keys to the kingdom…the Kingdom of Hawai’i, which, forever, is alive and well within the collective beating heart of Kanaka Maoli people the world over.

The one that gets really really pissed off when other people refuse to understand that those islands are OURS and that we are not about to give away the one thing that we have that we can pass on to the generations which follow ours – our traditions, our language, our ways, our being

This will take all of us, as one voice, telling the world that this is PAU HANA and that we are not interested in what other peoples’ opinions are about the way that we expect that our Homeland be treated…you can think of us as our own Kanakafied version of Homeland security, no clearance OTHER than your Hawaiian heart and soul ready to take on the world of people who want to keep us in that category of being just a place to chill for a week, go to the beach, drink something with an umbrella in it, dive into the ocean and hope that you do not get eaten by a shark

Hawaiians….time fo’ go already…time to let the world know that we are here, a force to be reckoned with, and we are doing ANYTHING that even APPEARS like we are trying to make peace.

We are not.

We are trying to make it known, to the world, that it is not wise to confuse our kindness with weakness….

…it will either be the DLNR, Immigration, a hex that will nicely create something called Hawaii Sick for you, or, you will meet the Night Marchers…

No shit

Let’s raise our voice, Hawaiians….

Time to save the Motha Land

We’ve got this









KA ULA INO (the red plague)


…me and my cousins want you to know a few things…

So, there is yet another battle going on, between an indigenous people and westernized thinking.

It is not just the Kalalau valley about which I am writing. There needs to be a new way of thinking about Hawaiians as a whole, and in that thought process it needs dearly to be understood that we are pau being nice, pau making it so that those who want us to think in the manner that they think (which is that tangibility is what matters and ownership of that tangible stuff is what makes a person powerful…ummm….NOT).

The ‘tangible stuff’ is not really stuff at all, but, is instead our Sacred Land. I make it no secret that I am Hawaiian, that I am proud to be Hawaiian, and that in terms of my ancestry, I think I speak for ALL Kanaka Maoli when I state that indeed, I am able and it is inborn that I will practice living and life through and with an energy of kindness and the motivating factor behind it is the energy of Alo’ha.

Now, practicing Alo’ha is fine and good and all that other stuff BUT, that we practice Alo’ha is not indicative of our being weak-asses.

Put it this way – we hail from warriors, from chiefs and from Seers, from Sorcerers and Medicine practiced the old Hawaiian way…our Ancient people lived off of the land.

There are people, right now, who are not only living off of the land, but actually parasiting it, siphoning from it the life and the Alo’ha contained with Na ‘iwi O Na Kupuna…The Bones of the Ancients….literally. These people…these…counter-culturists…want you all to believe that we Hawaiians all over the world are somehow wrong for wanting EVERYONE ON THE PLANET to (and excuse my lack of grammatical markers) nana i ka maka a ho’olohe i ka pepeiao – PAY ATTENTION !!!!

Yeah – it is that important that everyone does…EVERY FUCKING BODY NEEDS TO PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION BEGINNING NOW

It all started with this person named Ryan…and I have thusly named him “The Red Plague”…because in order to be ill, physically, we have to catch the invader…



This bruddah…Ryan North….tells us that he lives the “pono” life, but, what is Pono, exactly?

If you are Maoli, it is EVERYTHING…it is our level, our sense of integrity. All of who I know also knows, for real, how important integrity is to this Hawaiian – it is of the most tantamount in importance, next to Alo’ha….

So, in knowing that much, you would also know, as well, that this person named Ryan who believes himself to be a one time “resident” of the Kalalau Valley – you also know that his acts of total defiance (albeit in the sweetest way possible that he can try and manipulate us) are not appreciated, at all. And now there is an entire new set of invaders and these ones think that us Kanaka are way off base (and no we are not – go fuck yourselves…I said it, so deal with it…)

But even THAT is not what is my major malfunction….here is a video…of one of the “residents” of Kalalau Valley (actually Maui…whatevahs)  and is also the very one who really set me into this mode of wanting to make it known to the world that we are, on behalf of those who we share our magnificent culture with, no longer just going to stand by and continue to allow ANYONE – including those who also live in the valley and who share ancestry with us (you should know better, traitor) – it is time to get the hell OUT of Kalalau.

You each and all know very well that there is no such thing as a legal resident who can actually say, for real, that they live in Kalalau Valley. And we know that you will not ever do that, because you know that it is illegal to live there. It is a state park – no one lives at any state park.

And to those business owners who fail to pay their taxes? Yeah – thanks….it is because you do this that the DLNR does not have enough money to actually go into the forest and get these people OUT of Kalalau Valley.

In fact – let us get this one thing very straight, right this moment…please pay the fuck attention – there are SEVERAL very GOOD reasons as to why it is that a whole bunch of Hawaiians (BLOOD – NOT BORN THERE) are very dearly upset. This is because we do not see those islands as a mere vacation in paradise. To us it is home. We would not, and we do not, at least a giant majority of us, come to your home, take a dump in your yard, eat our food and leave our trash everywhere, treat you like you are somehow at our service and then have the very nerve to expect us to be kind to anyone who would think that we like having to tell anyone this stuff?

Then you add to all of this, the idea that this person seems to like this attention, because there are a ton of women who are thinking that he is the sweetest person on the planet and a whole lot of men who think he is their ‘bro’ and while that well may be the case, y’all forgot about an entire different set of people, and people who are not going to go away any time soon and not going to stand down ever, until every person who is not supposed to be residing in the Kalalau Valley is no longer there.

I do not care if you have Hawaiian blood…you do not belong in there and making things all…moilepo.

I do not care if you think you are entitled, by right of your airfare and your fantasies and your god damned arrogance…you do not belong in there making it seem like you bought the right to be there….you bought the right to VISIT for a set number of hours and days. Your fuckin’ day pass into the valley was not your right to stay in there permanently and turn the valley and my ancestors’ graves your personal paradise. It ain’t. It belongs to the people of Hawaiian ancestry, and the people who are making the biggest noise are the very ones who are there and doing what no Hawaiian person is doing, at least the majority of us, which is ABIDING, NOT BY THE GOVERNMENT’S RULES BUT, BY THE RULES OF THE ‘AUMAKUA, THE RULES OF THE ANCIENTS

I do not give one, two or three shits about what it is that you came to the valley for – whether or not we believe you is the thing that you have to think about and whether it is or not that you think you are being nice matters not – we are tired of having to think of things in the manner that is you think you are allowed there, but we know that no one is, and that is not something that was only set out by your fucking government (or, that is, your ANCESTOR’S government…which begat this current very racist and ignorant government) but was set by the Ancients,

And lots of people who are posting to a certain group page have it in their heads that somehow, we must be insane to think that we would have anything to say, that all of us would gather together online much like the red plague dude gathered his dirty okole masses and chose to allow them to do as they are, which is following that dude down into the valley to experience the red plague’s Hawaii.

Here is more news for ya – IT AIN’T RYAN NORTH’S – AND IT AIN’T YOURS EITHER!

save kalalau valley meme

Ryan North is a criminal, a drunk and a crazy person – I can say that he is crazy because I can tell my own (mental) kind BUT, what he does with his pupule is not the same thing that I do with mine, and what I am doing with mine is gathering the masses for the biggest hukilau on earth – the one that ferrets out the invaders from the forest where our Ancestors still roam this earth.

SO, with that much said, my cousins and I are currently making it known that there is something in Kauai that is eating the soul of the valley….and his name is Ryan North, and his followers are numerous, and they are all telling damned nearly EVERY Kanaka who dares to defend what is ours, that we are wrong. They laugh at us, tell us that we have to ….yes – HAVE TO…share with them what they have already taken pains to make us know (but NEVER TO ACCEPT) the idea that we have to do anything at all for people who are entitled, who have no idea what it means to do things Pono and who have zero clue of the reason why we fight like hell

It is simple…anyone who is stating that they are living in the Kalalau Valley on the island of Kauai is a criminal. It is protected land. It is our heiau in the middle of the ocean, is our Sacred valley, more so than the rest of the islands for one reason …BECAUSE WE ARE KANAKA MAOLI, righted by birth as such, that makes it that much more important to us all that these people get their fucking red plague and their own sorry asses OUT OF THE KALALAU VALLEY – TODAY !

As a last note…I would like the people who want to tell us that we are being selfish that they really need to check themselves prior further wrecking themselves, because no matter what you each and all want to believe, we have the right to not just DEMAND that you all leave and never return, but, that you realize that you are messing with a culture that lives IN THE SPIRIT WORLD and hell yes – there are many several of us who live with one foot on each side of the Veil of Consciousness…


…I happen to be one of those people who walks between the physical and the unseen worlds, and what you who squat don’t understand is that we who have this command also command a LOT MORE THAN JUST OURSELVES. No one told you that Kahu aunties like myself, specifically those of us who hail from the 9th island…we ain’t only well versed in our own spiritual stuff…

…here is a hint…are you any good at math? can you say THREE TIMES THREE?

Blessed fuckin’ be…

To all of my hanai ohana, the Kanaka Maoli the world over, I leave you with the thought in your heads that for generations, we have tried relentlessly to come together and be one Ohana. For far too long, we have seen one another as lesser than, as different from, and not alike.

The one thing that this buggah did was the one thing that we could not do….he made us come together for this common cause of reclaiming our Selves, with the energy of Lokahi, and the inner fire that collectively screams the primal scream and sounds like ONIPA’A across the grabd and wide, deep blue Pacific that is our home. Ryan North…you and your followers are pau – gone like the day is long, and it is but a matter of time. You manifested this, by the way – and you did a shitty job of it because you likely did not foresee this end result and were likely not thinking that you and yours would be found out to be the dirty okoles that you each and all are.

My brothers, my sisters, and damned sure my bad-ass cousins….this is our time.

This is our battle, our fight….

Ultimately, it will become our victory, not just for ourselves, but, for those people who call us Mom, Dad, Auntie, Unko, Tutu….

This is not now, nor has it ever been only about us…

Try tink, yeah?





HEWA LOA : Tutu Aunties – We’ve Got Your Backs…


Huna is NOT Hawaiian, and other Truths that need to be addressed.

Mahalo, to the Tutu Aunties…The Women of Grand Spirit, to whom we, as their collective of students and Apprentices, the world over….Thank You to the Grandmothers – the Tutu Aunties 

I get it – Hawaii is fuckin’ cool, and it is rock star cool to be Keiki o Ka’aina…make no mistake – we all know this. There is just something bad-ass about Being Island, specifically Pacific Island…

I promise.

The thing is, it is not like we do not know when we are being lied to, and it is not like we are not going to continue to tell people that the time has come for respect to be had – not for you people to try to make something that is not yours, yours, and most certainly not for people to try to once again tell an entire population of people that we are wrong for protecting what is so rightfully ours in the spiritual sense. 

There is where a whole bunch of people are wrong.

They are telling us – Kanaka Maoli … Hawaiian people…that we need to be more giving about what is being done to our Sacred Land. What else is not being understood is the fact that Hawaiians…Indigenous Peoples, period…see ourselves as PART OF rather than APART FROM AND IN CONTROL OF The Land. We are, in our own eyes, and as part of the land where our Ancestors walked (and many are laid to rest…we hope…still….) not just part of the land, but part of the actual land. Indigenous people, no matter where we are from on this planet, are very protective of one thing – our Sacred Land.

The Land Itself

I cannot and will not speak for others, but, the things that we bring to others who impinge on our lives through the demand through willful breaking of Kapu – not even the actual laws are people – even our very own people! Where are all of those people who are paid to do a job…and who are NOT??? 

You need to do your jobs. You need to search that forest for the people who are there and who do not appear to have been there for much of their lives. They look too clean and ….too spoiled and entitled….

I said it.

Fucking deal with it.

And oh man….the way you kids act, and the way that you approach those who you are trying very dearly to convince that you are not doing anything wrong or rather…illegal…you guys are missing the fucking whole point.

Guys….our Ancestors are there….the Kupuna…the ‘Aumakua….our People…Those who came before us. And you are behaving as if it is the real estate that we are talking about. When you are dealing with people for whom the only thing that we can lay claim to are our rights as indigenous people to those lands, and when you want to tell those people that because you are doing your part by replanting and by not harming and by not doing this that and the other, you are not hearing us.

And it is sort of my duty to do what my kid sister used to tell me when she was a tiny little turd…told me that I had to “magick” the bad guys away. Now, I am not calling you bad people. I am wanting to believe that you mean no harm, and I am just calling your reaching out in response to anything at all your manner of telling us that you are not understanding a whole lot, because a lot of you who have responded have done so in the manner that you have but after the fact.

I am not going to, and have not yet, take for granted that you might actually be sincere in your efforts to do your part and many of you might even have been ignorant to the idea that your presence in certain areas might not be welcomed quite in the manner that you are thinking it is (and by the fucking way….knock your fucking bullshit off, bitches who like comparing my culture to Gilligan’s Island – you stupid fucks….shut up. Shut the fucking fuck up already and learn something….turn off the god damned television and the netflix and whatever the fuck else and LEARN FROM THE MAOLI PEOPLE…yeesh!).

Yeah…I am ordained and spiritual and all of that other good shit but at the same time I am also a human being who happens to be the equivalent of a Medicine Woman ….I keep repeating it – I Am Kahu and right this moment, I Am NOT speaking in the Ancestral Language, because guess what, guys? I am meant as the interpreter FOR them…the one who tells you folks what it is that these Sisters of the Soul …to me, with me, for me…these other Women of Strong Spirit. Those who I wanted so badly to speak in our Ancestral tongue are the very ones who know that I speak the language of the masses…

…and I speak Haole…fluently….but, on the other side of the Ocean, I listen to, abide by, Love within me, Give to the world and PROTECT THOSE WITHIN the same sphere of Ancestry with me…the Kanaka Maoli….The Hawaiian People. I am Hawaiian.

Haha !!! It is funny and true … the Tutu Wahine…the Tutu Aunties, we shall call them….okay, for a long time they were referred to as being (ahem…gag) Gracious Ladies 

Wow….how very old lady and very dearly truly….modern day colonial….

Eh. Hui !! Aunties….

Aunties – all you folks….yeah you…We Love You.

We …modern Women of Strong Spirit (indeed…3 times 3 is how it comes out of me….) strive to do as well for the masses as you taught us that it is important that we do. Right now, we are all raising the collective Mana within the very generation of Kanaka Maoli Wahine…all of us following your Lead- As The Living ‘Aumakua.…the very Wise Women – OUR WISE WOMEN….not the Women of Grand Spirit, but the very ones who are the magnetic component who Are are who are being called upon. We are who you told to learn (rather than to only be taught) and here we are.

We have something, all my generation’s Women of Grand Spirit, to tell you, all of you….

Here…a lesson in  ho’olelo of the 9th Island…indeed, you are Kupuna, alive and well and chanting to us as you will, and we hear you, Aunties…we hear you, and we Kahea back. Just in a different manner, and to perhaps even a different drum but none the less, a drum…

You are the Grandmothers, the very ones who lead us and the ones who taught us, all these years, who you passed down the oral traditions to, in our Ancient and Native Maoli Tongue, in our Souls is where you had planted the seeds.

You taught us with your light and your love and here we are now, NOT taking over for you, but lifting you up and raising our voices and the din that is the chant that is the Universe wide and the cosmos long and as deep and as wide as is the very waters which cover the planet and connect us. Truly you have taught us and we have learned and where it is that this was at one time the water in the land …

….for us Kanaka Maoli, it is the opposite – it is the Land within the Water….

And we are telling you Aunties this, and I as the one with the words brought back to you all, in the manner that is not telling people that they are bad for wanting to be where they are, but, that they are disturbing our Kupuna, are disturbing the graves and the resting places of so very many of our Wahine Uhane Nui…our Women of Grand Spirit...

Our Kupuna ….The Grandmothers, The Old Women of the Shadows, The Wise Women, The Bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The Tutu Aunties..we hear you, and we are here for you, and we are behind you and we thank you and Love you and Amplifying your message that is please refrain from further antagonizing the spirits of our dead. Please do not disturb our Kupuna.

Please leave.  


You need to go...for the sake of your own sanity you need to go…

And we pray, alongside you, in unison with you and with a strong solidarity of the higher levels of thought and being and we petition Na Kupuna, The Ancestors, The ‘Aumakua….all the way from here on the 9th, sending the waves of Aloha to you, at this time and in this, your grand and shining moment as our Women of Grand Spirit.

The High Priestesses. The Seers. The Sorceresses. The Muses. The Artists. The Musicians. The Prophetesses. The Minstrels and the dancers and the lady who works in the school attendance office…every single last one of us is backing your Game and from Los Angeles to Louisiana and all the way back to the very top of Mauna Kea (EH !!! LEAVE THAT ALONE, TOO !!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT IS FOR SCIENCE? I AM A SPIRIT SCIENTIST! I CALL BULLSHIT!) …we hear you.

We know that this is our time, and really, unlike #NoDAPL, we do not have the money that the tribes fortunately had to keep things going as they had. Regardless of what it was that was at the truth of things, what was also true were the Women – it was the Women who kept the fight up, and until the end they fought.

We will, too…we stayed and fought with them and for them, as we remain to do so.

But, the fight for Mauna Kea, Pohakuloa, Kalalau Valley….our identity rights and hell yeah our land rights….this is all of ours, and we hear you Aunties.

We hear the angst in Iz’s voice as he croons Hawai’i ’78. For, collectively, it is also our angst, and is the thing that we have and hold within us.


Aunties, we have raised the next generation of Strong Women of Spirit and it is within them that the ‘oli is raised, the vibration through the Universe that tells us it is our turn to lift you up, to give you what it is that you have given us – proof that this is ours to have, so long as we are willing to do what we must in order to Ho’oponopono this because people are watching us


…because of all of the people in the world who matter, it is not for us that we are doing, right this moment what we are each and all doing….which is NOT just preserving the Sanctity of the ‘Aina, but more, to teach them how to, on their own, learn their own Sacred Nature

…and that, folks, is what this is really all about…

Things of a Sacred Nature….Have you no clue of things that are of a Sacred Nature?

Proof that things are Sacred are that people who have nothing and at the same time EVERYTHING to lose …will fight for that which is theirs, which is anything but tangible.

This is not about real estate, constitutional rights, rights as consumers.

This is about Indigenous Rights, and well, yeah…it appears as though it applies…those things called… Rites….

We do not have to step aside, for any reason, from who we are, and we will not….

Aunties….Mahalo Nui Loa….

Love, Light and Soul from those who Learned from You, our Magickal, Nature…

Aunties….we’ve got your Backs….




You Haven’t a Clue of The Sacred, Brah…


If you read the inscription on this road sign, you will see, too, that this is the way that all Hawaiian people see those islands – as deserving of the respect and the honor and the care that it is due, by right of it being one of our Sacred places as Hawaiian people.

Right now, though, as far as I have been made aware of, there is a group of people there, in Kalalau Valley, who seem to believe that they are keeping things Pono… I would like to know exactly how in the fuck it is that a stranger – someone who is NOT DESCENDED FROM THE THRONE – I want to know how the hell it is that this…person…this….dirty mother fuckin’ haole….is gonna have the fuckin’ balls to tell the world that it is no one’s business – and yeah we as a whole are taking it very personally…because that is OUR ‘AINA, YOU FUCK –  that he is living this hippie counter-culture lifestyle and expect that we, Ka Po’e O Ka Wai : The People of The Water, will just be okay with it.

We are so very dearly NOT okay with his bullshit, or his fuckin’ nasty ass pals, desecrating what is KNOWN as one of our…OUR SACRED PLACES….

Dude…you need to get a god damned clue, already,

Well, let me ask anyone reading this how they might feel if there was this person who was squatting on Sacred lands, who, along with the rest of these people, squat on Sacred Hawaiian land as though somehow, because one of them happens to know the word (but likely not the true damned meaning of it) Pono. 

Just because you know the definition of the word, it does not mean at all that you know what it actually MEANS…if you did, you would not even have a thought to live in those lands, with no intention of cleaning up after yourself (helicopters…that is who is cleaning your damned mess…you fucking pigs…GO AWAY…NOW ! ) (FUCK!)

No, you stupid ass haole  – there will not now, nor ever shall there be a time in your own lifetime when what you are doing to our beloved valley called Kalalau will be acceptable. You want all us Kanaka Maoli, both there in the ‘Aina as well as abroad – you want us to believe that you are somehow meant to be there, bringing all of your filthy habits and your fucking expectation that just like your god damned ancestors did, all those generations ago, to my Aumakua, was somehow anything that would not, even to this day, be the breach in the reality that your kind of people (no – not fucking white…white skin has very little to do with having zero class or respect – those things and things like it are equally able to be acted out by ANY PERSON OF ANY CULTURE AND YES EVEN MY OWN BUT….folks from my culture would respect other places…because we see everything as actually being SACRED….as it ought to be…keep reading..yeah I’m pissed….asshole….)…the kind of people who expect to be allowed to do the shit that you have been doing for a long fucking time now.

Pretty much, and on behalf of the GLOBAL OHANA….get the fuck gone, dude. Take your dirty okole, your egotistical bullshit, your fucking god damned arrogance and get the fuck off of our Sacred lands, you and all those other mother fuckers who seem to believe that since it is the jungle, and since it is that it is always occupied, that this means that you and yours get to sit in that forest and silently tell the world that you have the right to squat on Sacred Ancestral Lands and no, brah…no you do not.

I can only speak for myself when I tell you that you are fucking lucky that there have been no very large-sized Samoan youngsters who have come to make you know what respect is…and by the way – the ones, some of them, who I attend school with have made me know that there are things that they can do with a hole in the ground, some ti leaves, lava rocks, a can of gas and about eight hours…and it would be no big ting, bruddah because yeah – it is said that we islanders will eat anything…

You think you are safe in your rights as an American citizen but the truth is that you are technically squatting on Sacred Tribal Land….act 195, states so.

You need to leave.


And never return.

Haole is as Haole does.

Let us make one thing very adamantly clear to anyone who is reading this – I am anything but a racist, a bigot, someone who judges others for any reason, but namely the color of their skin…HOWEVER…I must call a …pig….a fucking pig….

…and haole can be ANYONE….yeah – I’m gonna go there – there are even some very well haolefied Hawaiians….even while it is that we, as a whole, do not, cannot, will not see anything other than another human being – no matter their origins, no matter their zip code…no matter what…

So, yesterday my spirit – bruddah…one good local bruddah named Troy, who happens to be crazy about my little cousin, Kelea, who shared with me this tidbit of information about a very Sacred place to many Hawaiians.

This is a very special writing for me. I am Kahuna. It does not matter that I stay mainland – this is what I am, is what I was raised to be, is what I have suffered through much because of, and of course…for this very thing that I am writing about, right this moment.

Kalalau Valley is a very Sacred place for anyone who is of Hawaiian ancestry. Anything having anything to do at all with those islands will affect Hawaiians for real but, when we are talking about Sacred Places, it will affect those like me, very sorely dearly deeply – all the way to the very fucking bones of my soul….and it pisses me off.

To those of us who wear my culture’s “colors of the cloth” and who are called upon to live at a different level of Being, I have to state now that this is not okay, that we, as Kahu, need to make it very well known that this is unacceptable, that no matter who wants to tell us about the rights of dirty counter-culture hippies I must tell those who would tell me things like this that you are not thinking right.

You are thinking in the manner that is the same one that we have lived in for generations, and now is our time – MY generation of Kahuna Wahine Ali’i Nui – to take up the helm and lead the way….because really, it will take a whole lot of good energy to remove these people from what is, by right of our birth as Hawaiian people on this planet – it is our right to make this buggah go away….perhaps …Siberia….see how many people they can bother there, right?

People…get ready…we get work fo’ do…

The running theme of this particular blogsite is that we, as Kanaka Maoli, need to find things to bring us back to who we are in terms of being together as one even while we are miles and miles apart. DO NOT let it be or seem as though I am heartless, because I am not.

What I am is very tired of people taking bad advantage of others, all for the purpose of not having to be responsible.

Instead, this buggah gonna make US be responsible for him, his friends, and for the fucking messes that these creeps make. I read somewhere that it takes a helicopter to remove all of the trash that these people leave behind, and it is anything but pono.

And to the person whose name is Ryan and who I found, through my cousins and their friends and those who live on the island of Kauai – you need to get gone. I am sure that you don’t think so, because you want to believe that you are untouchable, that your nasty ass lifestyle somehow is the thing that you have the right to desecrate our Sacred places for. It ain’t, brah.

It so ain’t.

And you have, just based on the reading that I have done, based on the things that I have been told and based on the idea that I used to be married into a family who thought this way – that no matter what it is that others consider as being Sacred, that you are, by right of who you are and by right of your say-so, entitled to fuck with our Sacred places.

I will repeat myself, again and again, that no one NOT born into some sort of – ANY SORT OF – Hawaiian lineage has the god damned right to behave as though since the song states that “this land is my land” that it was literal, that you get to take your happy asses to those places where no job is needed and where you can literally live off of the land (and in the case of this Ryan person who I found online regarding Kalalau) or by begging for food from the touring hikers to that valley and get away with living in paradise when there are a whole lot of others just like me (you know…KANAKA MAOLI) and who are sick to death of hearing the shit that you say you are doing but the reality is the truth.

You don’t give one fuck about the Sacred, and you put these stupid ass videos online, misusing the word “Pono” as though you know what the hell you are talking about. Do not misunderstand me – I know that there are a whole lot of people who actually DO know the energetic meaning of that word and live by it. You people are NOT THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE and I DOUBT VERY DEARLY THAT YOU WOULD BOTHER TO ASK A HAWAIIAN HOW WE FEEL ABOUT IT.

I will likely lose a few online pals because of this writing and that is fine by me – it proves that you, too, have no idea what the hell is and is not Sacred.

Your actions and your occupying that place…any and all of you who are NOT there to do more than fucking live rent free in paradise….tell this Kahuna Wahine a very different thing.

Just from looking at the photos that were taken, you have no idea what the hell you have done and you have zero respect for the ‘Aina. Just from looking at your videos, you want to believe that you have the world fooled with your phony pono, but you do not – you cannot ever pull a fast one on Kahuna and believe that not one of us is going to know what the hell you are up to. This Kahu knows, and this Kahu doesn’t like it, one little fucking bit.

There may be repercussions made to me because of this writing, but the truth is that I do not give a shit – you need to leave and you need to make amends, not only with the Hawaiian people the world over, but, with the people who were born into this culture for real. I do not give two shits about who told you otherwise, but we are not the ones who will state things that are not the truth. We simply will not state anything, because simply, we cannot, when it comes to our Sacred places on this planet…we cannot do more damage to the Soul of Kalalau than has been done.

You made our Sacred place called Kalalau into your flophouse. You took your liberties and ran off to an island and thoughtlessly challenged all who came into your world as if yours were not neatly and wrongly nestled in ours and you, brah…you just need to fucking go.

You and all your fucking dirty fucking pals need to get the hell GONE from our Sacred places – ALL OF THEM, if all you are going to do is live off of the land and not give anything back. You say that you care for the earth, yet you will damage one of the most holy places on this planet all so you can continue being a fucking filthy mother fucker…but come on…let’s be real, shall we?

I get told my job is not a real job, but, I get paid and people feel better after they have spent some time talking to me, and if they do not feel better, they figured out something that might have been plaguing them their entire lives long. I RESPECT AND HONOR my place in this world, as Kahuna Wahine, and I am telling you who disagree with me in terms of these fucking people squatting on our Sacred Lands….you can also go fuck yourselves, and specifically if you call any of those islands “home.” In fact, if you are a friend with this fucker, and you know me (or think you know me), and you believe that I am going to be okay with this shit?

Here…let me make it fucking public, okay?

Unfriend me…or unfriend that guy…my own energies will be affected by the idea that you will think I am being harsh and unsympathetic. I don’t do sympathy….in fact looking for any of it with me?

I will tell you to go look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis and make it known to you that we ain’t cool…because anyone who is going to condone or even turn a god damned blind eye to this shit cannot ever be a friend of mine.

I said it.

Deal with it.

This land called Kauai – it does not belong to anyone “counter culture” and for people to think that somehow it’s cool….IT AIN’T.

There is nothing Pono, at all, about people living in Sacred places and those same people behaving as though the thing that they do to those places so that they can accommodate their non-lives and making an excuse as to your reason for creating this havoc, for creating the energy that is “you against the populace”, for creating things in the world that take away from the whole of humanity and cause an uproar in terms of whose land you are taking away for the purpose of being the parasites that you are.

Look at what you have done, who you have affected and the lives of future generations of Hawaiian people – ACTUAL KANAKA MAOLI…of which, NONE OF YOU ARE

…meaning none of you freeloading fucks belong there so, please…

Excuse yourselves from land and culture that won’t ever be yours. Between you fucks on Kauai and the telescope fucks on the Big Island, I am not sure whether we collectively need to shit or go blind.

Bottom line …You are not welcomed on our Sacred Land

Your fuckin’ pua’a energy ….gotta go, bruddah…

Pua’a…it means pig…you and yours are all pigs….

You need to go…immediately….


HAWAIIANS: Ka Po’e O Ka Wai (The People Of The Water)


….really…it’s no longer “us,” and it is no longer “them”…

…it’s actually now, or ought to be, by this time…All Us Guys…

Because really, we miss each other when we are not where typically we are, at certain intervals of life, and sometimes, it is felt globally.

This year was Merrie Monarch minus Oakland’s own Academy of Hawaiian Arts, of which I am a HUGE FAN – but not just because the things that are taught there but, because like those Hawaiians….I am also just as Hawaiian. And this year, with the absence of this particular set of bad asses from the Northern Part of the 9th….let’s just say that from sea to shining sea, and beyond, their not being there was very dearly felt. 

It was like Christmas Eve without Unko Jack in his Santa Claus Costume.

It was like Sunday church without Unko Reggie forgetting the lyrics to the church songs.

It was like part of the family did not show up to the reunion because they had to work that day.

And this proves me having been right all this time – there is a VERY LIMITED few of us who are very vocal about this division that is apparently not as big as some want it to be, who have it in them to ensure that our own show of Aloha and our own missing someone who, every year, year after year, that part of the family shows up and when they don’t..well….

Hui ! You Folks !! E Ho’olohe Mai !!! Try Listen, yeah? 


Kumu Mark and the Presence of The Academy of Hawaiian Arts at the Annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Every year….for like years and years….at my age, and having been a Hawaiian kid growing up in the head-bangin’ hairband and metal eighties and ninties…I can easily liken the same glee that at least I have when I know that I am gonna be able to watch AHA perform (online) at Merrie Monarch Festival…to being that same 19 year old girl, in Los Angeles, waiting impatiently in 1989…in April….to see Skid Row.

That is the same feeling I get from the anticipation of waiting. not just for AHA’s bad ass performance but…fuck yes – One of MY OWN….from THE 9TH !!! Rockin’ The 8 ! BAD ASS STYLE….their hearts and souls all in, knowing that from across the sea they are performing for the same reasons that any one of us will – BECAUSE WE ARE HAWAIIANS: KA PO’E O KA WAI: THE PEOPLE OF THE WATER…and dammit, we are bad ass.

No matter what side of the ocean we hail from, we are all showing our pride, and no matter what….when one of us is not around, we know it. We know it like we know when that one Uncle is no longer in his Santa suit (because all the kids have kids now) (and those kids are old enough to also have kids). We know what it is like when the division that we kept alive, for years and years, has been proved to be an illusion, because now, there is this…absence…and no matter who wants to say that they are glad that our guys here were not able to go there, from either side of the ocean – we all knew that our rock stars from the north were not there….

The boss had to work…it happens…

Right now, it seems to be sort of …glum….but for what reasons I have no idea, because yeah – the folks who did perform, did AWESOME….Hula is Hula, no matter what. But yeah….

It is sort of cool, every time, to wait, and to see, and to have this tangible proof that there they are – those guys from the north of me, rockin’ the 8….and yeah – I know – Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu is originally from Hawaii Nei BUT…still….he is from here now…

And he has earned that Rock Star status because fuckin’ a – that is the way that we here on the 9th do shit…like rock stars…

I mean come on…this is where Motley Crue was born….three out of four of them are SoCal boys…. and Van Halen…and Journey… and Guns N Roses….

The 9th….we are the little rockin’ sibling of the original 8….

….doesn’t mean you guys don’t rock, too….

It just means that we do it 9th island style…different, but same…

…Know what I mean, jellybean???

E Ho’olohe Mai (LISTEN)

E_ho_olohe_Mai_Hearts and Headphones_

Our level of Integrity is connected to our Truths. We have been living in the energies of the truths of others and at the same time trying to live our own self-created Truths. It cannot happen that way – darkness and lightness cannot exist any other way than side by side. Why, then, have we been trying hard to live in the truth that kept us lost and blind, rather than the truth that sets us free? 

At first glance, this writing is going to sound very much like the others that I write – The Mana’o Blog, The Ghetto Allegory, and Chick Wisdom. Yet, this is directly written for those who share ancestry with me.

It is not the fault of others who were born and raised in the islands and who cannot see our pain here. It is not theirs and how dare we expect them to know that pain – they cannot.

They are not 9th island, not mainland, not us.

Yet, this does not excuse us to be major league assholes to those who, even as their numbers are dwindling, we still have to deal with some of them who feel that we here on this side of the Pacific are somehow fake, somehow not as real as anyone born in the ‘aina. I say a whole lot about us here versus them there, and in that measure, I am not doing any one of us any kinds of favors in terms of our melding our energies, in terms of our not knowing what goes on in Hawaii, or in the lives of our island brethren lived 3000 miles away from ours. On the other side of that, we still have to deal with our own selves, and our own memories of the people who, when we were kids, told us that we were never going to be “real” Kanaka Maoli.

I am here to tell you, all of you, me included, that we are ALL THE REAL DEAL and it does not make one difference where you were born…only THAT you were born and why?

The “Why” that we need to know about…

The way that we do this, you guys, this whole, making the past no longer so scathing, is to form new thoughts about it and more importantly, ourselves as a whole unit and of course, ourselves as singular Beings. If we all do it at the same time (of course I teach  the Law of Attraction), we might be able to turn things around.

It is no one’s fault for what other people think of us – in fact, no matter what…whatever anyone else, no matter their bloodline, thinks of us, it is up to us, on our own, and in our own power and by our empowered selves…it is ours to make it be the way that we want it to be. I am not one of those …flowery….”peace and love and grooviness” kinds of Spiritual Life Coaches.

Not at all…

…think….Spring Training for NFL…that is about how dearly real I am about the work that I do in healing and the work that I do in helping other people realize who they are.

When we do like I did earlier today, we are not living up to our highest potential, and had I been able to think at that point of it in this manner, I might not be here writing this for you, for me, for any one of us. The time to heal is here and now. The time for forgive the past came years ago, when a generation of a certain age (MINE – CALLED GENERATION X) would be that same one that would begin the process of righting things.

…and righting things through those people who call us “Mom” or “Dad” and regardless of what anyone reading this now wants to think about it – the reason for the ridiculousness is because of us. We are so busy trying to get past how we have been taught to believe and how to believe about ourselves that we have been carrying on, albeit through the energies of Kaona (yup…we learn this way here, too) and our inborn ability as 9th island Maoli people to not only refine who we are and who we have become, but more than anything else, we have trained ourselves to stand up and let the world know that we are anything but damaged.

Yes, this is really what this sort of thing does to me and a whole lot of others on this side of the Pacific. I am one of the few who is willing to stand up and voice the pain, voice the hurt and the anguish and make it all that much more real to those who have turned a blind eye to the things that we have endured for generations.

I am, myself, tired of being in this energy of not being the same as the rest. And really, I suppose I would not want to be this judgmental, but, that is neither here nor there. What is the most important thing right now is that we learn that our zip code is unimportant.

What is important is that we have Love for who we are, as Hawaiians and as Humans and People of the Water, love for one another, and we can start RIGHT NOW and frankly, this mainland Maoli believes indeed, we can only benefit from this pain, if we choose to no longer find the pain being the thing that is the realest thing to us.

We must Ho’oponopono this…must….

The Process of Righting Things (Also known around the world as HO’OPONOPONO)

We are the people who created what has become what it should not have, which is made popular by those who we would not have even bothered to place our most precious parts of our culture, and one of those things is called the act of Ho’oponopono.  We hear this word as much as we hear the words “please” and “thank you” among lots and lots of other ones.  The time has come, folks…now…for us to Ho’oponopono who we are.

So many of us have endured the idea that because we are born away from Hawaii, or we have moved to the mainland, we are wrong, or traitorous, or something else that puts others above us, or, makes us believe that we are lesser than we are here on this side of the grand and wide Pacific Ocean.

We are not lesser than by right of place of birth.

We are not lesser just because that is how our parents’ generation, because their entire generation was also made to believe things that did not and no longer apply to anyone at all. There is no place in the energy that is Aloha for division, and the reason that I feel like I do and have felt like I do, for years, is because I was born into a family that saw only division, saw only that my last name was not the same as theirs and by that reason it was open season on me – and for what?

So that my uncle could feel better about himself, or maybe it was because my auntie was not as much of a hard ass as she was a scared ass, scared of being found out to be lesser than she thought she was and believed that she was lesser than, and it came out in her actions and words, her threats of violence and her show of brute force meted out to us as if it were somehow required that we would be abused.

Yes…abused….abused into the idea that for the rest of our lives, whether they were spent on this side of the ocean or in the ‘Aina…we will have to endure being  lesser than, and lately, my actions and words have been screaming that much – that there are people who will tell us that we are loved, but who will also never see us as being the real thing, I am here to tell us all that no matter where we are, and no matter what we have been told and made to believe…the day has come, you folks….time to forgive.

It is time now….

If I knew that the world believed the same way that I believe, I know, too, that I would not be sitting here writing this, so that we can all see that we can let it all go. In a time when we are seeing the world that we have lived in and the things that for a long while, we chose to take for granted, we can no longer be complacent in what we are or who we are or where we come from. We know where we come from, down deep in our hearts and our souls, and we ought to start learning to listen to them both, at all times, because we are indeed the People of Aloha, and how sad it is that to this day, and at this age – 47 – I should still feel the scathing energies of those who would put upon me, as a very young child, the differences between us that are nothing more than mileage and misinterpretation of who we are as a whole unit, as one strong people…as Ka Po’e o Ka Wai: The People of The Water (due out in a few weeks….yes, I am writing a book about this very thing…)

We are those people whose Aloha energy ought to stretch out to the whole earth, and this includes those who we share these things with….laughter, music, joy, family….because this is who we are and this is what we have been brought into this world to impart onto the rest of it, and how can we do that if there are still those of us like me who only see the division, who have only been told that we are not the same as the rest, not the same as those “on the 8” and that we never will be.

This is the cruelty, this is the thing that we, as mainland borns, have to deal with.

We were not born there, and by that right alone we are vilified, are told that we are lesser than the rest of you, and this is the thinking that puts us at each other’s throats which is totally going against anything that we ought to be doing, which is taking all of what we have gone through and using it propel us forward so that we do not have to own this collective hurt anymore.

It is not that we do not know how to be Hawaiians, but that we keep on getting told that we are not real ones, because we were not born there.

I keep repeating this one thing in everything that I write that is particular to this blog. I have been privately chastised, told that I will not ever be “the real deal” in terms of being Kahuna, in terms of living up to that certainty of Kuleana that we are ALL meant to live up to, and that not one of us is allowed to stray from. Yet – many still stray, and many still get a thrill out of pissing people like me off.

You behave as though somehow you are the last word in terms of who is and who is not real, and let me tell you what – there are more haoles in my neck of the ‘hood, more Mexicans, Blacks, Asians and hell yeah – other Kanaka, who are all here and who are all far better representatives of Hawaiian lifestyle and culture than many of our own are, and my only question, after the rage and after time has passed is Why are you insisting on you being better than we are, and all and only because of your zip code?

This is a reality for us here on the mainland. It is almost like it is nothing to offend and ridicule us here, as if being born here, in Los Angeles, or actually anywhere on the mainland makes us here lesser than you there – admit it…there are still some who feel like this, as if it is because of us that things suck there. That has NOTHING to do with us, and if you are ready to accept us as we are we are ready to let you all know that we are the same people that you are, only on this side of the ocean.

I was told not too long ago that someone has to choose their loyalty, and my loyalties belong to the Spirit of Aloha, and has not a thing to do with my zip code. I was born a Maoli Girl and I will die one – and no one who shares ancestry has the right, neither the power, to tell me or anyone else like me that we are not real, that we are fake and that no matter what, we will not ever be as near the truth as you are over there.

Yep…it indeed DOES sound like I am whining, but the truth is that I am damned tired already and have chosen to be nice about things (for now).

When you tell anyone else at all that they are not real because of their place of birth, you are taking away their identity, and when it happens between Hawaiians, the biggest heartache in the world is feeling like you do not belong, and for a whole long set of generations, we here on this side, a whole lot of us, have felt like we did not belong.

I implore anyone reading this that it is not someone else’s business to tell anyone else who and what they are – that is not yours. We are, on this side of the ocean, and have been ready for generations to seal our differences, because they are no longer relevant. We live in a world where we are able to see our differences for both what they are and what they are not, and what they are not any longer in terms of Hawaiian people is needed.

In fact, those divisive energies were not ever needed. They were given to a whole lot of us, myself included, and we were expected by those who taught us this intolerant behavior to carry this on to our own kids…and guess what?

Our kids were not and still are not having ANY OF IT so what the hell is our problem, right?


How we fix ourselves as a collective whole…

I am not certain how many of you I will reach. There have been too many years that we have been taught this way, that there are some of us who believe that their hatred is what saves us as a people.

I must digress – we have GOT TO STOP letting the things that we have heard in the past be the thing that we promote.

For the Love of The Goddess…while I know that we are farther along in this crazy life than we were just a decade ago, there are those voices who make us remember that we are born and raised in the mainland, USA, and that alone is not enough of a reason to make us feel as though we have something to prove.

We don’t…there is no more reason for this ridiculousness…myself, included

We are not that different than you are. I do not know how many more times I am going to have to remind us all of this one thing.

Please….be kind to one another, and see only what is the same between us and not what you want to perpetuate, because somehow, it makes you feel better about how you feel about yourself, which is not because of us, but, because of how you were raised. You were raised to believe that there has to be someone who is lesser than you are, and the person who taught you that was, themselves, confused as to the truth that needs to now be the truth, period.

Let’s all gather ourselves, together, and stop trying to best one another…

We are the People of the Water…Ka Po’e o Ka Wai…this means, too, that we are Ka Po’e o Aloha….The People of Aloha…

’tis time that we began to behave like this, first of all, for our very singular selves…

So…who’s with me?







If all we have is one another, then perhaps it would be time that we stood together…for the sake of the Global Ohana

I do not have to tell anyone about what is going on in North Dakota.

I do not have to tell anyone about the brutality on what is a band of very peaceful people. These people pray – they do not war, but, that is not the way that these marauders have painted them.

The People of Standing Rock did not deserve this, and far be it from me to agree, to stand down, to do that thing that a whole lot of people want all of us to do, which is accept this nonsense, this greed, this bullshit that is being exacted upon people of color the world over. These greedy bastards did this on ceded, treaty lands, meaning that no land is Sacred to them.

This is wrong, and everyone in the world knows it. This is wrong, physically, because the water will now be poisoned, and wrong, mentally, because this is the Trail of Tears, all over again, and wrong, period, because this is not the way that human beings ought to behave, but, it is the way that these ones are behaving.

It is wrong. Fucking wrong. If my language bothers you, deal with it – your eyes are going to be fine, and I bet that when you turn on your faucet, you can drink the water. I bet you have no idea, those of you who want to still believe that ANY government has our back – it doesn’t, and this is proof. We are now, in this country, through these people, proving the world to be correct about “us” and we are not that kind of “us,” by any means. Only a very tiny portion of the population made this happen – not the rest of us, and that won’t matter anymore, because these people have no thought about life – human life.

These are the same people whose ancestors “discovered” Hawai’i Nei, the very ones who believe that somehow, because we were not proper but were instead savage heathens, that by that right, they had the very right to do what they did way back in the late 1800’s and this Kahuna has no faith in the idea that they will NOT also be turning the rest of Hawai’i into an entire disneyfied nightmare if we are not careful – if this happened in North Dakota, it can happen in Hawaii Nei, too – do not be so smug to believe otherwise. While it is that we come from royalty, and while it is that there is proof that our lands were stolen…. The things that have happened in North Dakota happened on Treaty Land, and these people just ran right over all of that – FOR OIL!

And would you not know it? The orange guy in the oval office IS A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER and well….Hawaii is PRIME REAL ESTATE….while I cannot say that anything like that will or will not happen, I will say that I would not put it past them – Hawaii sits along the route of Pacific shipping lines. I realize that the orange faced clown has pissed someone in China off, but, Hawaii is not in China….I am certain that you all can see where I am going with this.


MANY people have said that they cannot “be” an American, and while I understand that notion, the fact of the matter is that if you were born AFTER 1893 – on American soil, regardless if we know the actual truth, that makes you an American born Hawaiian person, period, and as such, it is a travesty to me that because of my zip code and place of birth, somehow, I do not have the right to be worried that over the next four years, we Kanaka Maoli will have to think of this also happening to our Sacred Lands.

We can try hard to not think this way, but, that is giving too much credence to the idea that within each of us, there is a heart and soul, and within each of us, there is a part of us that bugs us to do the right thing, to be of good and kind service to your fellow man and to treat others with respect.

You folks…you think this bruddah gives a good god damn about respecting people who are considered minorities? Seriously? He does not. Neither do his cabinet members. If that were the case, we would see people and faces that look like ours do – BROWN !

He stole those lands, and now we are all supposed to just sit here and think “it won’t happen to ” us but I promise you – if they are brazen enough to defy the rights of people who were protecting their land – then what the fuck makes any one of us believe that Hawai’i, right this moment, is also NOT in danger of this same thing happening?

Do not get me started about”it will be good for us…it will diversify” and no, no it will not be, because you are not descended from the royalty that those guys were (try think about it, yeah?) – you were descended of Hawaiian royalty (and now think about how they jailed Liliu), and now, folks, ALL OF US, ALL OVER THE WORLD, HAVE TO DO WHAT WE CAN TO PROTECT HAWAI’I NEI FROM THIS SAME THING HAPPENING MORE THAN IT HAS ALREADY!

Cry for the Land. Cry for the People. Cry for the Land that was taken away…


…this does not mean that we are literally them, and they’re lovely, lovely people, but, so, too, are we…us guys….KANAKA MAOLI.

It means that this same thing can happen, and apparently, it appears that nothing is Sacred.

It is bad enough that Fukushima has happened, and bad enough that Dog the idiot boy bounty shithead came over showing the world our people in the light that he has, and ICE and domestic violence and all of those other, very ugly things that none of us wants to think about, but the last thing that I know any one of us at all wants to think about or believe can happen in Hawai’i is the same thing that can happen in Hawai’i Nei.

Oh…you don’t believe me?

Why? Is it because we are who we are, or, is it because you want to believe that those islands are untouchable…because …you know….Kuleana lands….and shit like that….Ing and his boys best get their okoles in ACTION NOW if we want the shit, in a year or so, when Mar-a-Lago has had enough of the expense, for certain orange faced people to show up and start pushing his weight around….I mean, one of us could try to put some natural lava rocks straight from the mountain somewhere on that plane….

…ummm yeah no…nevermind that…*ahem*…anyway…(Podagee mout’ haha)

Well, there was and is still a treaty enacted…does it appear to any one of you that this cannot or will not happen to the Land of Aloha, or are you all that hopeful that this …bunch of water stealing marauding bad guys are NOT going to bother with us? You think these guys can’t get on a plane and make it happen? You think you are going to stop them should they get the thought in their heads that we ain’t gonna be okay with it, really?

I thought not…

…good gracious I hope not…doesn’t matter, because I will never believe that any one of us would be okay with this shit happening in Hawaii.

I hope we are not all thinking that just because Hawai’i is out in the middle of the ocean, that these guys cannot get on a gold plated private jet to do exactly that. I hope you are not all sitting there, smugly believing that it won’t happen, just because it hasn’t and just because we are not hearing it – there are a LOT of military people in Hawai’i.


And I am betting that I am not the only one, on this side of the ocean, thinking this way. I bet I am not the only one now worried about what will happen to Hawai’i.

I mean…that is a whole LOT of ocean surrounding that group of islands but STILL…you think the government WON’T start doing MORE military testing at will? Does Pohakuloa tell you ANYTHING AT ALL????

I do not relish the idea that there will be a whole crap load of telescopes placed on top of our mountain, Mauna Kea, neither more poisoning of our Sacred places like Pohakuloa.

I do not relish in the idea that more and more of that damned mouse and that damned duck whose uncle is named Walt and who presently call their home Anaheim, Ca.,who have erected a monument to the gods of wealth and power to the local people

…puhleeze…’Aulani Resort my ass….get a can of Raid, a mousetrap, because the last thing that I want to see when my plane lands on my ancestral home is flashing neon lights and a giant waving animated mouse throwing a shaka sign at me as tears roll down my face…tears of anger and generations of pain, contained in one tiny little amount of water that contains the pains and the heartaches that are well contained within the populace of Kanaka Maoli the world over.

We can choose to sit and do nothing, talk stink and watch.

…or we can FINALLY choose to become a whole unit, and start NOW to protect what is ours, inherently. We might not be the biggest group of people on this planet, but, we are the one group with one thing on its side….yup…ALOHA….so, let’s try this, now that the raging wild auntie is pau testifying all waha in da mout’, shall we?


Us guys, for all of our…”Us Guys-ness”…are not a stupid people. NO NATIVE PEOPLES are stupid, I promise. What we are is reliving the nightmares of the past, and in those nightmares are contained (ready?) the things needed for us to make certain that this shit does not happen anymore. It is bad enough that the waters in the Pacific, no thanks to the damned Fukushima shit that happened a while ago, are now tainted and the wildlife is now very dearly and daily at risk.

That shit ain’t cool.

That shit never has to happen, but, as long as there is money to be made, in any way at all, money will win.

Money doesn’t care. Money buys its way around.

But, money is finite, and proof is that not a lot of us has a whole lot of it. Money leaves us and its lack makes us feel like we are less than, at least when the money is gimundo. The rest of us knows for real that money is a tool for our lives. If we all were able to, we would all live off of the land. This is our ancestry.

The Land. And really, we are all representatives of, represented by, are the very Land. This is the truth – we are Hawai’i. We are the heart, soul, Spirit of the Land of Aloha. We are this, and for generations, we have been led to believe otherwise, taught to see what is different, and only now, now in this time in our collective lives, are we beginning to see that no, no we are not different.

We need each other, regardless of what you want to believe. How can we know what is right and good by our cultural standards if we are not calling each other on our bullshit when the bullshit happens? How can any human being at all know what good and right are if all we are shown is not good, neither right, and the pictures we are shown are those with faces that are the same colors as ours, the same warrior type build, the same giant light of Spirit surrounding us?

Money does not know, cannot see Spirit, for money is void of it. And I am not talking about actual greenbacks…I am talking the attitude of those with plenny kala….this is not who we are, and this is also not who those of Standing Rock are, will ever be.



This is what this is bringing to us, you guys…the chance to STOP FIGHTING with each other and see what the leaders in high office all over this country – and including in the state of Hawai’i’s very own OHA (Office of Haoli-fied Assholes) (haoli…with an ‘i’….because foreigners are not bad people…bad people are bad people- hoales are just people from other places….it is like the difference between “ah” and “er”- do I really gotta spell it out? uh yeah – NOPE….think about it) are doing.

These people are getting away with whatever the hell they want to, and people are just sort of still defending their voting choice.(…you see, people are defending the orange faced clown but not really – they are actually defending their own choices, I think…it just makes more sense to me).

I get it, but I do not get the idea that anyone withOUT the ability for their own skin to go from the very light shade of human to…an bright orange shade…when they- the ones with the non-orange turning face – get mad or stand outside in the sun for too long – I don’t get the idea that someone who can’t turn orange voted for this dude, supports this dude, expected this dude to do the right thing- yeah right…you watch TV at all…ugh…ewwwww (Dass like thinking about one hot steaming pile on your Tutu Lady’s lawn…left there by da new guy’s dog went move in down da corner house…like go slap his head).

He’s a frikkin’ BABOOZE ! YEESH !

And a very dangerous one, at that….but enough about that guy. We have enough guys in our awareness who, if their skin would allow, ought to be turning RED with SHAME because of the way that they have treated people…I mean really? What kind of a turd-like human would …oh that’s right….these guys.

Yeah sorry…I forgot who I was talking about.

To those of you who want the rest of us to turn a blind eye towards what it is and what it is not that we are actually and truly seeing, I want you to take a moment to think about the song, Hawai’i ’78, and I want you to really let those words sink into your awareness and I really, really want you each and all to think that whatever affects you folks over there, also affects and applies to us over here – we are the same people.

I say it..I always say it…get over it already, with this…divisive bullshit…WE ARE THE SAME ! YEESH !!! (Again…I like go slap his head).

I said it, so deal with it.

We are the same as you are, whether you want to believe that or not it is the only truth that means anything. If Standing Rock is proving anything, it is that to have Lokahi is a beautiful thing. 

To pray together, not out of anger, neither fear, but, with a Unified Spirit of Lokahi, no matter what it is that you call Spirit….to pray together, and to be as one whole entire unit of people who come together, not just to protect, but also to fortify. We do not need to pray against anything, really. We need to pray to continue keeping us and what is all of ours as all of ours. If it takes us the rest of our lifetimes – all of us here on this side of the water – to make it clearly understood by the entirety of us…we really dearly need to finally, even as the water distances us, to come together and be the collective of Hawai’ians, to be the actual global ohana, to malama one another, and keep things all pono…

You may think me pupule for saying so, but, the Land that we need to cry for is not actual real estate, even though, to be safe, we might want to think of it as a concern, in more ways than only the way that it happened in North Dakota. My island Soul Aches for those people, for that Ohana, and to my Native American Ohana in my area…my friends, my brothers and sisters…my heart and prayers, my pule aloha is yours, is always yours. Please know, that always, ALL of the descendants of the Nation of Hawai’i still stands with you, our voices crying to the gods, to the planets and the All That Is….’auwe…indeed, ‘auwe, our sorrow is great, but, our Aloha, our prayer is not gone.

We will Stand With You….stand in an endlessness of Aloha, and a levity and purity of heart, soul, and plain old Lokahi, in every way, even if not physically. Our hearts beat to the same Native Drums, the kahea being chanted the world over… and indeed, our National motto : Ua mau ke ea o ka’aina i ka pono…the life of the land is preserved in righteousness…clearly, truly, dearly stands and applies to yours, as well.

Know that you are Loved, cherished…beyond measure, and that always, we will, now and forever, support you and yours.

This is what Standing Rock, to this point, told me – that it is now time to come together, be one Native People, and stand together, rather than apart….

…from my Island called the 9th to yours…. Aloha Mai E….