HEWA LOA : Tutu Aunties – We’ve Got Your Backs…


Huna is NOT Hawaiian, and other Truths that need to be addressed.

Mahalo, to the Tutu Aunties…The Women of Grand Spirit, to whom we, as their collective of students and Apprentices, the world over….Thank You to the Grandmothers – the Tutu Aunties 

I get it – Hawaii is fuckin’ cool, and it is rock star cool to be Keiki o Ka’aina…make no mistake – we all know this. There is just something bad-ass about Being Island, specifically Pacific Island…

I promise.

The thing is, it is not like we do not know when we are being lied to, and it is not like we are not going to continue to tell people that the time has come for respect to be had – not for you people to try to make something that is not yours, yours, and most certainly not for people to try to once again tell an entire population of people that we are wrong for protecting what is so rightfully ours in the spiritual sense. 

There is where a whole bunch of people are wrong.

They are telling us – Kanaka Maoli … Hawaiian people…that we need to be more giving about what is being done to our Sacred Land. What else is not being understood is the fact that Hawaiians…Indigenous Peoples, period…see ourselves as PART OF rather than APART FROM AND IN CONTROL OF The Land. We are, in our own eyes, and as part of the land where our Ancestors walked (and many are laid to rest…we hope…still….) not just part of the land, but part of the actual land. Indigenous people, no matter where we are from on this planet, are very protective of one thing – our Sacred Land.

The Land Itself

I cannot and will not speak for others, but, the things that we bring to others who impinge on our lives through the demand through willful breaking of Kapu – not even the actual laws are people – even our very own people! Where are all of those people who are paid to do a job…and who are NOT??? 

You need to do your jobs. You need to search that forest for the people who are there and who do not appear to have been there for much of their lives. They look too clean and ….too spoiled and entitled….

I said it.

Fucking deal with it.

And oh man….the way you kids act, and the way that you approach those who you are trying very dearly to convince that you are not doing anything wrong or rather…illegal…you guys are missing the fucking whole point.

Guys….our Ancestors are there….the Kupuna…the ‘Aumakua….our People…Those who came before us. And you are behaving as if it is the real estate that we are talking about. When you are dealing with people for whom the only thing that we can lay claim to are our rights as indigenous people to those lands, and when you want to tell those people that because you are doing your part by replanting and by not harming and by not doing this that and the other, you are not hearing us.

And it is sort of my duty to do what my kid sister used to tell me when she was a tiny little turd…told me that I had to “magick” the bad guys away. Now, I am not calling you bad people. I am wanting to believe that you mean no harm, and I am just calling your reaching out in response to anything at all your manner of telling us that you are not understanding a whole lot, because a lot of you who have responded have done so in the manner that you have but after the fact.

I am not going to, and have not yet, take for granted that you might actually be sincere in your efforts to do your part and many of you might even have been ignorant to the idea that your presence in certain areas might not be welcomed quite in the manner that you are thinking it is (and by the fucking way….knock your fucking bullshit off, bitches who like comparing my culture to Gilligan’s Island – you stupid fucks….shut up. Shut the fucking fuck up already and learn something….turn off the god damned television and the netflix and whatever the fuck else and LEARN FROM THE MAOLI PEOPLE…yeesh!).

Yeah…I am ordained and spiritual and all of that other good shit but at the same time I am also a human being who happens to be the equivalent of a Medicine Woman ….I keep repeating it – I Am Kahu and right this moment, I Am NOT speaking in the Ancestral Language, because guess what, guys? I am meant as the interpreter FOR them…the one who tells you folks what it is that these Sisters of the Soul …to me, with me, for me…these other Women of Strong Spirit. Those who I wanted so badly to speak in our Ancestral tongue are the very ones who know that I speak the language of the masses…

…and I speak Haole…fluently….but, on the other side of the Ocean, I listen to, abide by, Love within me, Give to the world and PROTECT THOSE WITHIN the same sphere of Ancestry with me…the Kanaka Maoli….The Hawaiian People. I am Hawaiian.

Haha !!! It is funny and true … the Tutu Wahine…the Tutu Aunties, we shall call them….okay, for a long time they were referred to as being (ahem…gag) Gracious Ladies 

Wow….how very old lady and very dearly truly….modern day colonial….

Eh. Hui !! Aunties….

Aunties – all you folks….yeah you…We Love You.

We …modern Women of Strong Spirit (indeed…3 times 3 is how it comes out of me….) strive to do as well for the masses as you taught us that it is important that we do. Right now, we are all raising the collective Mana within the very generation of Kanaka Maoli Wahine…all of us following your Lead- As The Living ‘Aumakua.…the very Wise Women – OUR WISE WOMEN….not the Women of Grand Spirit, but the very ones who are the magnetic component who Are Spirit...you are who are being called upon. We are who you told to learn (rather than to only be taught) and here we are.

We have something, all my generation’s Women of Grand Spirit, to tell you, all of you….

Here…a lesson in  ho’olelo of the 9th Island…indeed, you are Kupuna, alive and well and chanting to us as you will, and we hear you, Aunties…we hear you, and we Kahea back. Just in a different manner, and to perhaps even a different drum but none the less, a drum…

You are the Grandmothers, the very ones who lead us and the ones who taught us, all these years, who you passed down the oral traditions to, in our Ancient and Native Maoli Tongue, in our Souls is where you had planted the seeds.

You taught us with your light and your love and here we are now, NOT taking over for you, but lifting you up and raising our voices and the din that is the chant that is the Universe wide and the cosmos long and as deep and as wide as is the very waters which cover the planet and connect us. Truly you have taught us and we have learned and where it is that this was at one time the water in the land …

….for us Kanaka Maoli, it is the opposite – it is the Land within the Water….

And we are telling you Aunties this, and I as the one with the words brought back to you all, in the manner that is not telling people that they are bad for wanting to be where they are, but, that they are disturbing our Kupuna, are disturbing the graves and the resting places of so very many of our Wahine Uhane Nui…our Women of Grand Spirit...

Our Kupuna ….The Grandmothers, The Old Women of the Shadows, The Wise Women, The Bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The Tutu Aunties..we hear you, and we are here for you, and we are behind you and we thank you and Love you and Amplifying your message that is please refrain from further antagonizing the spirits of our dead. Please do not disturb our Kupuna.

Please leave.  


You need to go...for the sake of your own sanity you need to go…

And we pray, alongside you, in unison with you and with a strong solidarity of the higher levels of thought and being and we petition Na Kupuna, The Ancestors, The ‘Aumakua….all the way from here on the 9th, sending the waves of Aloha to you, at this time and in this, your grand and shining moment as our Women of Grand Spirit.

The High Priestesses. The Seers. The Sorceresses. The Muses. The Artists. The Musicians. The Prophetesses. The Minstrels and the dancers and the lady who works in the school attendance office…every single last one of us is backing your Game and from Los Angeles to Louisiana and all the way back to the very top of Mauna Kea (EH !!! LEAVE THAT ALONE, TOO !!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT IS FOR SCIENCE? I AM A SPIRIT SCIENTIST! I CALL BULLSHIT!) …we hear you.

We know that this is our time, and really, unlike #NoDAPL, we do not have the money that the tribes fortunately had to keep things going as they had. Regardless of what it was that was at the truth of things, what was also true were the Women – it was the Women who kept the fight up, and until the end they fought.

We will, too…we stayed and fought with them and for them, as we remain to do so.

But, the fight for Mauna Kea, Pohakuloa, Kalalau Valley….our identity rights and hell yeah our land rights….this is all of ours, and we hear you Aunties.

We hear the angst in Iz’s voice as he croons Hawai’i ’78. For, collectively, it is also our angst, and is the thing that we have and hold within us.


Aunties, we have raised the next generation of Strong Women of Spirit and it is within them that the ‘oli is raised, the vibration through the Universe that tells us it is our turn to lift you up, to give you what it is that you have given us – proof that this is ours to have, so long as we are willing to do what we must in order to Ho’oponopono this because people are watching us


…because of all of the people in the world who matter, it is not for us that we are doing, right this moment what we are each and all doing….which is NOT just preserving the Sanctity of the ‘Aina, but more, to teach them how to, on their own, learn their own Sacred Nature

…and that, folks, is what this is really all about…

Things of a Sacred Nature….Have you no clue of things that are of a Sacred Nature?

Proof that things are Sacred are that people who have nothing and at the same time EVERYTHING to lose …will fight for that which is theirs, which is anything but tangible.

This is not about real estate, constitutional rights, rights as consumers.

This is about Indigenous Rights, and well, yeah…it appears as though it applies…those things called… Rites….

We do not have to step aside, for any reason, from who we are, and we will not….

Aunties….Mahalo Nui Loa….

Love, Light and Soul from those who Learned from You, our Magickal, Nature…

Aunties….we’ve got your Backs….





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