I ku mau mau  (IKU WA!)

Hawaiians-  Let’s stand together and make some noise.

For the entirety of our lives, Hawaiians of my generation, and even that of my own parents’ generation, have been trying to best one another from either side of the ocean, and of late, there is a group of us here, both on the mainland and at home in the ‘Aina, who are standing together, standing strong and tall and refusing to stand down.

We are living that thing called Aloha, that other thing called Lokahi, and living in the energy that is ONIPA’A is like wearing our skin – second nature.

The recent last weeks have caused there to be a culmination of things that have been in the making for many generations, and of course, as per usual, this writing is about these things that we, as Kanaka Maoli, living wherever we live, trying hard to keep the Aloha culture alive on this planet.

It is not a secret that for as long as anyone can recall, there have been issues with squatters all over the islands, and while it is not okay that this happens, and while it is that we each and all know and understand this, the one thing that we are not okay with is the idea that the rest of the world gets to continue telling us who we are, gets to continue abusing our natural resources and without batting a fucking eye – continue to abuse the people of Hawaii the world over because that is what we are thought of as being – so welcoming that we are going to let others take advantage of us, control who we are by controlling what is inherently ours. What is inherently ours is this energy call Alo’ha, and that  measure of Aloha is being chipped away by a generation of people who seem not to care about a god damned thing other than having a good god damned time…in Hawaii…unchecked…and they expect us to just deal with it. 

Ummm…no…in fact FUCK NO will we be doing that shit any further. When you visit the Hawaiian islands, one must NEVER forget that people live there, that it is not some mother fucking playground for spoiled, entitled CLUELESS people from all over the world – IT IS A PLACE OF ANCESTRY AND HISTORY AND YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU VISIT OUR HOMELAND.

And believe it when I say it because I KNOW I am saying it for EVERY HAWAIIAN PERSON ON THIS PLANET, even the ones who are too afraid or too ashamed to stand up for their people – fine…visit, but, when you are done visiting, take ALL OF YOUR TRASH AND ALL OF YOUR SHIT…sometimes LITERAL SHIT…OUT of wherever it was that you VISITED and GO HOME!

Hawaii, even as it is my Ancestral home, it is not my zip code, but that does not matter. What matters is that it is the zip code of my bloodline, of my heritage and many, many family members there and abroad, blood and hanai – we asked, for generations, very kindly even that people Kokua us by practicing what is known as Malama’aina and, well, you said you would…but you nevah…none the less, this writing is meant as the rallying call to every Hawaiian person all over the world to remember who you are, take up your paddle and join in the din…I Ku Mau Mau…

Stand the fuck up


Regardless of the fact that as of yesterday, people have been arrested and taken out of the Kalalau Valley on the island of Kaua’i, and indeed, there is much celebration all over the world in the lives of Maoli people everywhere – entitled people are giving us heat, making it seem like we ought to not fight back but, you are not dealing with the generations who led to ours. Ours is the one that is that of Madame Pele, and whether that means anything to anyone at all, what it totally means for real is that the time has come for us to STOP fighting and START reviving our culture and our place as Ka Po’e O Ka Wai – The People of the Water.

Bottom line is that we are sick to death of hating our own, and lots of us don’t care to carry on the hatred, even though it is very difficult to do just that – to just stop the bullshit.

However, the one thing that will bring any two groups of the same people who seem to have nothing but their Ancestry in common, the group of Kanaka Maoli, specifically in my age group, a couple of us chose to join in the fight to take back our culture, to make certain that people get it – it is cool with us if you want to visit and hell yes..we are totally fine and good with it if you are interested in learning our ways – spiritual, economical, historical, whatevahs….thing is, we do NOT want you to desecrate our lands, our culture, our people.

Over time, and most recently, there have been people on Kaua’i, most of them not Hawaiians, trying hard to make the collective of Hawaiians all over the world see things from their side, but, they were not, and are still not, willing to see things from the point of view of the people to whom those islands matter the very most …yup…US GUYS…Na Mamo….Kaulana Na Pua….us guys….the cherished and famous children of Hawai’i.



It means “solidarity” and solidarity is everything when we are trying to get the attention of the world. What started out as being just a few people on a few social networks has become something much bigger than a whole lot of us thought it would ever get to be. We have, within a very short few weeks, proved without doing more than raising the awareness of the world about our beloved, Sacred Island of Kaua’i. It is because of this thing that a whole lot of us have now joined in and volunteered our voices, our words, our energies and our hearts to, this…Freeing Hawaii from the things that people can’t stop doing, which is pretty much disrespecting every single thing that is everything Kanaka Maoli.

This is a huge issue for us, damned nearly all of us, and it is of particular interest to us here on the 9th island – we feel you, we understand you, and we are here, as we have proven, as we are meant to be. We are here, from the 9th, our voices carrying over the Pacific Ocean, in the kahea back to the Ancestors, back to the ‘Aina, back to where every single one of us who has the right by birth to call ourselves Kanaka Maoli.

This is our fight, the very one that tells us that we cannot huli over, cannot stop, that we have to keep going on, keep raising the awareness and keep on doing this that we are doing, and doing so with an energy of Kupa’a – solidarity.

So, to all da kanakas, all over the world, my cousins and I would like you to know something…

This is for us all, you guys. This means that your voice is also important, as is your Hawaiian heart, soul, self. We were born into a culture that is all Aloha, that is welcoming and that is rich with history that is in no history book used in our modern school systems.

This is meant for us to come together, finally, be one unit, and learn to love the distance between us here on this side, and you there on that side, but mostly to realize and understand that truly, the Kalalau arrests over this past weekend proves that we can come together for the good of our people, for the continuing revival of our ways, for the salvation of the land itself, and most of all, for the preservation of who we are, as a Native People. 

Let us be that one unit, you folks.

The one that stands together, fights with each other but FOR each other, instead of continuing to be at odds. The one that makes it so that the following generations, the ones who call us “Mom” and “Dad” and who, for the life of them, no not their place in the Universal groove thing.

The one that is strong like the sea, swift like the wind, ferocious like the raging caldera at the top of every single Sacred mountain top that is ours.

The one that refuse to see things through the eyes of self-loathing, that refuses to stand down so that we can stand up and continue to rise like the molten lava in the deepest middle earth.

The one that remembers who we are, and the one who knows that our keiki – they are all watching us, waiting for us to give them direction, hope and the keys to the kingdom…the Kingdom of Hawai’i, which, forever, is alive and well within the collective beating heart of Kanaka Maoli people the world over.

The one that gets really really pissed off when other people refuse to understand that those islands are OURS and that we are not about to give away the one thing that we have that we can pass on to the generations which follow ours – our traditions, our language, our ways, our being

This will take all of us, as one voice, telling the world that this is PAU HANA and that we are not interested in what other peoples’ opinions are about the way that we expect that our Homeland be treated…you can think of us as our own Kanakafied version of Homeland security, no clearance OTHER than your Hawaiian heart and soul ready to take on the world of people who want to keep us in that category of being just a place to chill for a week, go to the beach, drink something with an umbrella in it, dive into the ocean and hope that you do not get eaten by a shark

Hawaiians….time fo’ go already…time to let the world know that we are here, a force to be reckoned with, and we are doing ANYTHING that even APPEARS like we are trying to make peace.

We are not.

We are trying to make it known, to the world, that it is not wise to confuse our kindness with weakness….

…it will either be the DLNR, Immigration, a hex that will nicely create something called Hawaii Sick for you, or, you will meet the Night Marchers…

No shit

Let’s raise our voice, Hawaiians….

Time to save the Motha Land

We’ve got this










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