You Haven’t a Clue of The Sacred, Brah…


If you read the inscription on this road sign, you will see, too, that this is the way that all Hawaiian people see those islands – as deserving of the respect and the honor and the care that it is due, by right of it being one of our Sacred places as Hawaiian people.

Right now, though, as far as I have been made aware of, there is a group of people there, in Kalalau Valley, who seem to believe that they are keeping things Pono… I would like to know exactly how in the fuck it is that a stranger – someone who is NOT DESCENDED FROM THE THRONE – I want to know how the hell it is that this…person…this….dirty mother fuckin’ haole….is gonna have the fuckin’ balls to tell the world that it is no one’s business – and yeah we as a whole are taking it very personally…because that is OUR ‘AINA, YOU FUCK –  that he is living this hippie counter-culture lifestyle and expect that we, Ka Po’e O Ka Wai : The People of The Water, will just be okay with it.

We are so very dearly NOT okay with his bullshit, or his fuckin’ nasty ass pals, desecrating what is KNOWN as one of our…OUR SACRED PLACES….

Dude…you need to get a god damned clue, already,

Well, let me ask anyone reading this how they might feel if there was this person who was squatting on Sacred lands, who, along with the rest of these people, squat on Sacred Hawaiian land as though somehow, because one of them happens to know the word (but likely not the true damned meaning of it) Pono. 

Just because you know the definition of the word, it does not mean at all that you know what it actually MEANS…if you did, you would not even have a thought to live in those lands, with no intention of cleaning up after yourself (helicopters…that is who is cleaning your damned mess…you fucking pigs…GO AWAY…NOW ! ) (FUCK!)

No, you stupid ass haole  – there will not now, nor ever shall there be a time in your own lifetime when what you are doing to our beloved valley called Kalalau will be acceptable. You want all us Kanaka Maoli, both there in the ‘Aina as well as abroad – you want us to believe that you are somehow meant to be there, bringing all of your filthy habits and your fucking expectation that just like your god damned ancestors did, all those generations ago, to my Aumakua, was somehow anything that would not, even to this day, be the breach in the reality that your kind of people (no – not fucking white…white skin has very little to do with having zero class or respect – those things and things like it are equally able to be acted out by ANY PERSON OF ANY CULTURE AND YES EVEN MY OWN BUT….folks from my culture would respect other places…because we see everything as actually being SACRED….as it ought to be…keep reading..yeah I’m pissed….asshole….)…the kind of people who expect to be allowed to do the shit that you have been doing for a long fucking time now.

Pretty much, and on behalf of the GLOBAL OHANA….get the fuck gone, dude. Take your dirty okole, your egotistical bullshit, your fucking god damned arrogance and get the fuck off of our Sacred lands, you and all those other mother fuckers who seem to believe that since it is the jungle, and since it is that it is always occupied, that this means that you and yours get to sit in that forest and silently tell the world that you have the right to squat on Sacred Ancestral Lands and no, brah…no you do not.

I can only speak for myself when I tell you that you are fucking lucky that there have been no very large-sized Samoan youngsters who have come to make you know what respect is…and by the way – the ones, some of them, who I attend school with have made me know that there are things that they can do with a hole in the ground, some ti leaves, lava rocks, a can of gas and about eight hours…and it would be no big ting, bruddah because yeah – it is said that we islanders will eat anything…

You think you are safe in your rights as an American citizen but the truth is that you are technically squatting on Sacred Tribal Land….act 195, states so.

You need to leave.


And never return.

Haole is as Haole does.

Let us make one thing very adamantly clear to anyone who is reading this – I am anything but a racist, a bigot, someone who judges others for any reason, but namely the color of their skin…HOWEVER…I must call a …pig….a fucking pig….

…and haole can be ANYONE….yeah – I’m gonna go there – there are even some very well haolefied Hawaiians….even while it is that we, as a whole, do not, cannot, will not see anything other than another human being – no matter their origins, no matter their zip code…no matter what…

So, yesterday my spirit – bruddah…one good local bruddah named Troy, who happens to be crazy about my little cousin, Kelea, who shared with me this tidbit of information about a very Sacred place to many Hawaiians.

This is a very special writing for me. I am Kahuna. It does not matter that I stay mainland – this is what I am, is what I was raised to be, is what I have suffered through much because of, and of course…for this very thing that I am writing about, right this moment.

Kalalau Valley is a very Sacred place for anyone who is of Hawaiian ancestry. Anything having anything to do at all with those islands will affect Hawaiians for real but, when we are talking about Sacred Places, it will affect those like me, very sorely dearly deeply – all the way to the very fucking bones of my soul….and it pisses me off.

To those of us who wear my culture’s “colors of the cloth” and who are called upon to live at a different level of Being, I have to state now that this is not okay, that we, as Kahu, need to make it very well known that this is unacceptable, that no matter who wants to tell us about the rights of dirty counter-culture hippies I must tell those who would tell me things like this that you are not thinking right.

You are thinking in the manner that is the same one that we have lived in for generations, and now is our time – MY generation of Kahuna Wahine Ali’i Nui – to take up the helm and lead the way….because really, it will take a whole lot of good energy to remove these people from what is, by right of our birth as Hawaiian people on this planet – it is our right to make this buggah go away….perhaps …Siberia….see how many people they can bother there, right?

People…get ready…we get work fo’ do…

The running theme of this particular blogsite is that we, as Kanaka Maoli, need to find things to bring us back to who we are in terms of being together as one even while we are miles and miles apart. DO NOT let it be or seem as though I am heartless, because I am not.

What I am is very tired of people taking bad advantage of others, all for the purpose of not having to be responsible.

Instead, this buggah gonna make US be responsible for him, his friends, and for the fucking messes that these creeps make. I read somewhere that it takes a helicopter to remove all of the trash that these people leave behind, and it is anything but pono.

And to the person whose name is Ryan and who I found, through my cousins and their friends and those who live on the island of Kauai – you need to get gone. I am sure that you don’t think so, because you want to believe that you are untouchable, that your nasty ass lifestyle somehow is the thing that you have the right to desecrate our Sacred places for. It ain’t, brah.

It so ain’t.

And you have, just based on the reading that I have done, based on the things that I have been told and based on the idea that I used to be married into a family who thought this way – that no matter what it is that others consider as being Sacred, that you are, by right of who you are and by right of your say-so, entitled to fuck with our Sacred places.

I will repeat myself, again and again, that no one NOT born into some sort of – ANY SORT OF – Hawaiian lineage has the god damned right to behave as though since the song states that “this land is my land” that it was literal, that you get to take your happy asses to those places where no job is needed and where you can literally live off of the land (and in the case of this Ryan person who I found online regarding Kalalau) or by begging for food from the touring hikers to that valley and get away with living in paradise when there are a whole lot of others just like me (you know…KANAKA MAOLI) and who are sick to death of hearing the shit that you say you are doing but the reality is the truth.

You don’t give one fuck about the Sacred, and you put these stupid ass videos online, misusing the word “Pono” as though you know what the hell you are talking about. Do not misunderstand me – I know that there are a whole lot of people who actually DO know the energetic meaning of that word and live by it. You people are NOT THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE and I DOUBT VERY DEARLY THAT YOU WOULD BOTHER TO ASK A HAWAIIAN HOW WE FEEL ABOUT IT.

I will likely lose a few online pals because of this writing and that is fine by me – it proves that you, too, have no idea what the hell is and is not Sacred.

Your actions and your occupying that place…any and all of you who are NOT there to do more than fucking live rent free in paradise….tell this Kahuna Wahine a very different thing.

Just from looking at the photos that were taken, you have no idea what the hell you have done and you have zero respect for the ‘Aina. Just from looking at your videos, you want to believe that you have the world fooled with your phony pono, but you do not – you cannot ever pull a fast one on Kahuna and believe that not one of us is going to know what the hell you are up to. This Kahu knows, and this Kahu doesn’t like it, one little fucking bit.

There may be repercussions made to me because of this writing, but the truth is that I do not give a shit – you need to leave and you need to make amends, not only with the Hawaiian people the world over, but, with the people who were born into this culture for real. I do not give two shits about who told you otherwise, but we are not the ones who will state things that are not the truth. We simply will not state anything, because simply, we cannot, when it comes to our Sacred places on this planet…we cannot do more damage to the Soul of Kalalau than has been done.

You made our Sacred place called Kalalau into your flophouse. You took your liberties and ran off to an island and thoughtlessly challenged all who came into your world as if yours were not neatly and wrongly nestled in ours and you, brah…you just need to fucking go.

You and all your fucking dirty fucking pals need to get the hell GONE from our Sacred places – ALL OF THEM, if all you are going to do is live off of the land and not give anything back. You say that you care for the earth, yet you will damage one of the most holy places on this planet all so you can continue being a fucking filthy mother fucker…but come on…let’s be real, shall we?

I get told my job is not a real job, but, I get paid and people feel better after they have spent some time talking to me, and if they do not feel better, they figured out something that might have been plaguing them their entire lives long. I RESPECT AND HONOR my place in this world, as Kahuna Wahine, and I am telling you who disagree with me in terms of these fucking people squatting on our Sacred Lands….you can also go fuck yourselves, and specifically if you call any of those islands “home.” In fact, if you are a friend with this fucker, and you know me (or think you know me), and you believe that I am going to be okay with this shit?

Here…let me make it fucking public, okay?

Unfriend me…or unfriend that guy…my own energies will be affected by the idea that you will think I am being harsh and unsympathetic. I don’t do sympathy….in fact looking for any of it with me?

I will tell you to go look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis and make it known to you that we ain’t cool…because anyone who is going to condone or even turn a god damned blind eye to this shit cannot ever be a friend of mine.

I said it.

Deal with it.

This land called Kauai – it does not belong to anyone “counter culture” and for people to think that somehow it’s cool….IT AIN’T.

There is nothing Pono, at all, about people living in Sacred places and those same people behaving as though the thing that they do to those places so that they can accommodate their non-lives and making an excuse as to your reason for creating this havoc, for creating the energy that is “you against the populace”, for creating things in the world that take away from the whole of humanity and cause an uproar in terms of whose land you are taking away for the purpose of being the parasites that you are.

Look at what you have done, who you have affected and the lives of future generations of Hawaiian people – ACTUAL KANAKA MAOLI…of which, NONE OF YOU ARE

…meaning none of you freeloading fucks belong there so, please…

Excuse yourselves from land and culture that won’t ever be yours. Between you fucks on Kauai and the telescope fucks on the Big Island, I am not sure whether we collectively need to shit or go blind.

Bottom line …You are not welcomed on our Sacred Land

Your fuckin’ pua’a energy ….gotta go, bruddah…

Pua’a…it means pig…you and yours are all pigs….

You need to go…immediately….



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