HAWAIIANS: Ka Po’e O Ka Wai (The People Of The Water)


….really…it’s no longer “us,” and it is no longer “them”…

…it’s actually now, or ought to be, by this time…All Us Guys…

Because really, we miss each other when we are not where typically we are, at certain intervals of life, and sometimes, it is felt globally.

This year was Merrie Monarch minus Oakland’s own Academy of Hawaiian Arts, of which I am a HUGE FAN – but not just because the things that are taught there but, because like those Hawaiians….I am also just as Hawaiian. And this year, with the absence of this particular set of bad asses from the Northern Part of the 9th….let’s just say that from sea to shining sea, and beyond, their not being there was very dearly felt. 

It was like Christmas Eve without Unko Jack in his Santa Claus Costume.

It was like Sunday church without Unko Reggie forgetting the lyrics to the church songs.

It was like part of the family did not show up to the reunion because they had to work that day.

And this proves me having been right all this time – there is a VERY LIMITED few of us who are very vocal about this division that is apparently not as big as some want it to be, who have it in them to ensure that our own show of Aloha and our own missing someone who, every year, year after year, that part of the family shows up and when they don’t..well….

Hui ! You Folks !! E Ho’olohe Mai !!! Try Listen, yeah? 


Kumu Mark and the Presence of The Academy of Hawaiian Arts at the Annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Every year….for like years and years….at my age, and having been a Hawaiian kid growing up in the head-bangin’ hairband and metal eighties and ninties…I can easily liken the same glee that at least I have when I know that I am gonna be able to watch AHA perform (online) at Merrie Monarch Festival…to being that same 19 year old girl, in Los Angeles, waiting impatiently in 1989…in April….to see Skid Row.

That is the same feeling I get from the anticipation of waiting. not just for AHA’s bad ass performance but…fuck yes – One of MY OWN….from THE 9TH !!! Rockin’ The 8 ! BAD ASS STYLE….their hearts and souls all in, knowing that from across the sea they are performing for the same reasons that any one of us will – BECAUSE WE ARE HAWAIIANS: KA PO’E O KA WAI: THE PEOPLE OF THE WATER…and dammit, we are bad ass.

No matter what side of the ocean we hail from, we are all showing our pride, and no matter what….when one of us is not around, we know it. We know it like we know when that one Uncle is no longer in his Santa suit (because all the kids have kids now) (and those kids are old enough to also have kids). We know what it is like when the division that we kept alive, for years and years, has been proved to be an illusion, because now, there is this…absence…and no matter who wants to say that they are glad that our guys here were not able to go there, from either side of the ocean – we all knew that our rock stars from the north were not there….

The boss had to work…it happens…

Right now, it seems to be sort of …glum….but for what reasons I have no idea, because yeah – the folks who did perform, did AWESOME….Hula is Hula, no matter what. But yeah….

It is sort of cool, every time, to wait, and to see, and to have this tangible proof that there they are – those guys from the north of me, rockin’ the 8….and yeah – I know – Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu is originally from Hawaii Nei BUT…still….he is from here now…

And he has earned that Rock Star status because fuckin’ a – that is the way that we here on the 9th do shit…like rock stars…

I mean come on…this is where Motley Crue was born….three out of four of them are SoCal boys…. and Van Halen…and Journey… and Guns N Roses….

The 9th….we are the little rockin’ sibling of the original 8….

….doesn’t mean you guys don’t rock, too….

It just means that we do it 9th island style…different, but same…

…Know what I mean, jellybean???


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