E Ho’olohe Mai (LISTEN)

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Our level of Integrity is connected to our Truths. We have been living in the energies of the truths of others and at the same time trying to live our own self-created Truths. It cannot happen that way – darkness and lightness cannot exist any other way than side by side. Why, then, have we been trying hard to live in the truth that kept us lost and blind, rather than the truth that sets us free? 

At first glance, this writing is going to sound very much like the others that I write – The Mana’o Blog, The Ghetto Allegory, and Chick Wisdom. Yet, this is directly written for those who share ancestry with me.

It is not the fault of others who were born and raised in the islands and who cannot see our pain here. It is not theirs and how dare we expect them to know that pain – they cannot.

They are not 9th island, not mainland, not us.

Yet, this does not excuse us to be major league assholes to those who, even as their numbers are dwindling, we still have to deal with some of them who feel that we here on this side of the Pacific are somehow fake, somehow not as real as anyone born in the ‘aina. I say a whole lot about us here versus them there, and in that measure, I am not doing any one of us any kinds of favors in terms of our melding our energies, in terms of our not knowing what goes on in Hawaii, or in the lives of our island brethren lived 3000 miles away from ours. On the other side of that, we still have to deal with our own selves, and our own memories of the people who, when we were kids, told us that we were never going to be “real” Kanaka Maoli.

I am here to tell you, all of you, me included, that we are ALL THE REAL DEAL and it does not make one difference where you were born…only THAT you were born and why?

The “Why” that we need to know about…

The way that we do this, you guys, this whole, making the past no longer so scathing, is to form new thoughts about it and more importantly, ourselves as a whole unit and of course, ourselves as singular Beings. If we all do it at the same time (of course I teach  the Law of Attraction), we might be able to turn things around.

It is no one’s fault for what other people think of us – in fact, no matter what…whatever anyone else, no matter their bloodline, thinks of us, it is up to us, on our own, and in our own power and by our empowered selves…it is ours to make it be the way that we want it to be. I am not one of those …flowery….”peace and love and grooviness” kinds of Spiritual Life Coaches.

Not at all…

…think….Spring Training for NFL…that is about how dearly real I am about the work that I do in healing and the work that I do in helping other people realize who they are.

When we do like I did earlier today, we are not living up to our highest potential, and had I been able to think at that point of it in this manner, I might not be here writing this for you, for me, for any one of us. The time to heal is here and now. The time for forgive the past came years ago, when a generation of a certain age (MINE – CALLED GENERATION X) would be that same one that would begin the process of righting things.

…and righting things through those people who call us “Mom” or “Dad” and regardless of what anyone reading this now wants to think about it – the reason for the ridiculousness is because of us. We are so busy trying to get past how we have been taught to believe and how to believe about ourselves that we have been carrying on, albeit through the energies of Kaona (yup…we learn this way here, too) and our inborn ability as 9th island Maoli people to not only refine who we are and who we have become, but more than anything else, we have trained ourselves to stand up and let the world know that we are anything but damaged.

Yes, this is really what this sort of thing does to me and a whole lot of others on this side of the Pacific. I am one of the few who is willing to stand up and voice the pain, voice the hurt and the anguish and make it all that much more real to those who have turned a blind eye to the things that we have endured for generations.

I am, myself, tired of being in this energy of not being the same as the rest. And really, I suppose I would not want to be this judgmental, but, that is neither here nor there. What is the most important thing right now is that we learn that our zip code is unimportant.

What is important is that we have Love for who we are, as Hawaiians and as Humans and People of the Water, love for one another, and we can start RIGHT NOW and frankly, this mainland Maoli believes indeed, we can only benefit from this pain, if we choose to no longer find the pain being the thing that is the realest thing to us.

We must Ho’oponopono this…must….

The Process of Righting Things (Also known around the world as HO’OPONOPONO)

We are the people who created what has become what it should not have, which is made popular by those who we would not have even bothered to place our most precious parts of our culture, and one of those things is called the act of Ho’oponopono.  We hear this word as much as we hear the words “please” and “thank you” among lots and lots of other ones.  The time has come, folks…now…for us to Ho’oponopono who we are.

So many of us have endured the idea that because we are born away from Hawaii, or we have moved to the mainland, we are wrong, or traitorous, or something else that puts others above us, or, makes us believe that we are lesser than we are here on this side of the grand and wide Pacific Ocean.

We are not lesser than by right of place of birth.

We are not lesser just because that is how our parents’ generation, because their entire generation was also made to believe things that did not and no longer apply to anyone at all. There is no place in the energy that is Aloha for division, and the reason that I feel like I do and have felt like I do, for years, is because I was born into a family that saw only division, saw only that my last name was not the same as theirs and by that reason it was open season on me – and for what?

So that my uncle could feel better about himself, or maybe it was because my auntie was not as much of a hard ass as she was a scared ass, scared of being found out to be lesser than she thought she was and believed that she was lesser than, and it came out in her actions and words, her threats of violence and her show of brute force meted out to us as if it were somehow required that we would be abused.

Yes…abused….abused into the idea that for the rest of our lives, whether they were spent on this side of the ocean or in the ‘Aina…we will have to endure being  lesser than, and lately, my actions and words have been screaming that much – that there are people who will tell us that we are loved, but who will also never see us as being the real thing, I am here to tell us all that no matter where we are, and no matter what we have been told and made to believe…the day has come, you folks….time to forgive.

It is time now….

If I knew that the world believed the same way that I believe, I know, too, that I would not be sitting here writing this, so that we can all see that we can let it all go. In a time when we are seeing the world that we have lived in and the things that for a long while, we chose to take for granted, we can no longer be complacent in what we are or who we are or where we come from. We know where we come from, down deep in our hearts and our souls, and we ought to start learning to listen to them both, at all times, because we are indeed the People of Aloha, and how sad it is that to this day, and at this age – 47 – I should still feel the scathing energies of those who would put upon me, as a very young child, the differences between us that are nothing more than mileage and misinterpretation of who we are as a whole unit, as one strong people…as Ka Po’e o Ka Wai: The People of The Water (due out in a few weeks….yes, I am writing a book about this very thing…)

We are those people whose Aloha energy ought to stretch out to the whole earth, and this includes those who we share these things with….laughter, music, joy, family….because this is who we are and this is what we have been brought into this world to impart onto the rest of it, and how can we do that if there are still those of us like me who only see the division, who have only been told that we are not the same as the rest, not the same as those “on the 8” and that we never will be.

This is the cruelty, this is the thing that we, as mainland borns, have to deal with.

We were not born there, and by that right alone we are vilified, are told that we are lesser than the rest of you, and this is the thinking that puts us at each other’s throats which is totally going against anything that we ought to be doing, which is taking all of what we have gone through and using it propel us forward so that we do not have to own this collective hurt anymore.

It is not that we do not know how to be Hawaiians, but that we keep on getting told that we are not real ones, because we were not born there.

I keep repeating this one thing in everything that I write that is particular to this blog. I have been privately chastised, told that I will not ever be “the real deal” in terms of being Kahuna, in terms of living up to that certainty of Kuleana that we are ALL meant to live up to, and that not one of us is allowed to stray from. Yet – many still stray, and many still get a thrill out of pissing people like me off.

You behave as though somehow you are the last word in terms of who is and who is not real, and let me tell you what – there are more haoles in my neck of the ‘hood, more Mexicans, Blacks, Asians and hell yeah – other Kanaka, who are all here and who are all far better representatives of Hawaiian lifestyle and culture than many of our own are, and my only question, after the rage and after time has passed is Why are you insisting on you being better than we are, and all and only because of your zip code?

This is a reality for us here on the mainland. It is almost like it is nothing to offend and ridicule us here, as if being born here, in Los Angeles, or actually anywhere on the mainland makes us here lesser than you there – admit it…there are still some who feel like this, as if it is because of us that things suck there. That has NOTHING to do with us, and if you are ready to accept us as we are we are ready to let you all know that we are the same people that you are, only on this side of the ocean.

I was told not too long ago that someone has to choose their loyalty, and my loyalties belong to the Spirit of Aloha, and has not a thing to do with my zip code. I was born a Maoli Girl and I will die one – and no one who shares ancestry has the right, neither the power, to tell me or anyone else like me that we are not real, that we are fake and that no matter what, we will not ever be as near the truth as you are over there.

Yep…it indeed DOES sound like I am whining, but the truth is that I am damned tired already and have chosen to be nice about things (for now).

When you tell anyone else at all that they are not real because of their place of birth, you are taking away their identity, and when it happens between Hawaiians, the biggest heartache in the world is feeling like you do not belong, and for a whole long set of generations, we here on this side, a whole lot of us, have felt like we did not belong.

I implore anyone reading this that it is not someone else’s business to tell anyone else who and what they are – that is not yours. We are, on this side of the ocean, and have been ready for generations to seal our differences, because they are no longer relevant. We live in a world where we are able to see our differences for both what they are and what they are not, and what they are not any longer in terms of Hawaiian people is needed.

In fact, those divisive energies were not ever needed. They were given to a whole lot of us, myself included, and we were expected by those who taught us this intolerant behavior to carry this on to our own kids…and guess what?

Our kids were not and still are not having ANY OF IT so what the hell is our problem, right?


How we fix ourselves as a collective whole…

I am not certain how many of you I will reach. There have been too many years that we have been taught this way, that there are some of us who believe that their hatred is what saves us as a people.

I must digress – we have GOT TO STOP letting the things that we have heard in the past be the thing that we promote.

For the Love of The Goddess…while I know that we are farther along in this crazy life than we were just a decade ago, there are those voices who make us remember that we are born and raised in the mainland, USA, and that alone is not enough of a reason to make us feel as though we have something to prove.

We don’t…there is no more reason for this ridiculousness…myself, included

We are not that different than you are. I do not know how many more times I am going to have to remind us all of this one thing.

Please….be kind to one another, and see only what is the same between us and not what you want to perpetuate, because somehow, it makes you feel better about how you feel about yourself, which is not because of us, but, because of how you were raised. You were raised to believe that there has to be someone who is lesser than you are, and the person who taught you that was, themselves, confused as to the truth that needs to now be the truth, period.

Let’s all gather ourselves, together, and stop trying to best one another…

We are the People of the Water…Ka Po’e o Ka Wai…this means, too, that we are Ka Po’e o Aloha….The People of Aloha…

’tis time that we began to behave like this, first of all, for our very singular selves…

So…who’s with me?






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