If all we have is one another, then perhaps it would be time that we stood together…for the sake of the Global Ohana

I do not have to tell anyone about what is going on in North Dakota.

I do not have to tell anyone about the brutality on what is a band of very peaceful people. These people pray – they do not war, but, that is not the way that these marauders have painted them.

The People of Standing Rock did not deserve this, and far be it from me to agree, to stand down, to do that thing that a whole lot of people want all of us to do, which is accept this nonsense, this greed, this bullshit that is being exacted upon people of color the world over. These greedy bastards did this on ceded, treaty lands, meaning that no land is Sacred to them.

This is wrong, and everyone in the world knows it. This is wrong, physically, because the water will now be poisoned, and wrong, mentally, because this is the Trail of Tears, all over again, and wrong, period, because this is not the way that human beings ought to behave, but, it is the way that these ones are behaving.

It is wrong. Fucking wrong. If my language bothers you, deal with it – your eyes are going to be fine, and I bet that when you turn on your faucet, you can drink the water. I bet you have no idea, those of you who want to still believe that ANY government has our back – it doesn’t, and this is proof. We are now, in this country, through these people, proving the world to be correct about “us” and we are not that kind of “us,” by any means. Only a very tiny portion of the population made this happen – not the rest of us, and that won’t matter anymore, because these people have no thought about life – human life.

These are the same people whose ancestors “discovered” Hawai’i Nei, the very ones who believe that somehow, because we were not proper but were instead savage heathens, that by that right, they had the very right to do what they did way back in the late 1800’s and this Kahuna has no faith in the idea that they will NOT also be turning the rest of Hawai’i into an entire disneyfied nightmare if we are not careful – if this happened in North Dakota, it can happen in Hawaii Nei, too – do not be so smug to believe otherwise. While it is that we come from royalty, and while it is that there is proof that our lands were stolen…. The things that have happened in North Dakota happened on Treaty Land, and these people just ran right over all of that – FOR OIL!

And would you not know it? The orange guy in the oval office IS A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER and well….Hawaii is PRIME REAL ESTATE….while I cannot say that anything like that will or will not happen, I will say that I would not put it past them – Hawaii sits along the route of Pacific shipping lines. I realize that the orange faced clown has pissed someone in China off, but, Hawaii is not in China….I am certain that you all can see where I am going with this.


MANY people have said that they cannot “be” an American, and while I understand that notion, the fact of the matter is that if you were born AFTER 1893 – on American soil, regardless if we know the actual truth, that makes you an American born Hawaiian person, period, and as such, it is a travesty to me that because of my zip code and place of birth, somehow, I do not have the right to be worried that over the next four years, we Kanaka Maoli will have to think of this also happening to our Sacred Lands.

We can try hard to not think this way, but, that is giving too much credence to the idea that within each of us, there is a heart and soul, and within each of us, there is a part of us that bugs us to do the right thing, to be of good and kind service to your fellow man and to treat others with respect.

You folks…you think this bruddah gives a good god damn about respecting people who are considered minorities? Seriously? He does not. Neither do his cabinet members. If that were the case, we would see people and faces that look like ours do – BROWN !

He stole those lands, and now we are all supposed to just sit here and think “it won’t happen to ” us but I promise you – if they are brazen enough to defy the rights of people who were protecting their land – then what the fuck makes any one of us believe that Hawai’i, right this moment, is also NOT in danger of this same thing happening?

Do not get me started about”it will be good for us…it will diversify” and no, no it will not be, because you are not descended from the royalty that those guys were (try think about it, yeah?) – you were descended of Hawaiian royalty (and now think about how they jailed Liliu), and now, folks, ALL OF US, ALL OVER THE WORLD, HAVE TO DO WHAT WE CAN TO PROTECT HAWAI’I NEI FROM THIS SAME THING HAPPENING MORE THAN IT HAS ALREADY!

Cry for the Land. Cry for the People. Cry for the Land that was taken away…


…this does not mean that we are literally them, and they’re lovely, lovely people, but, so, too, are we…us guys….KANAKA MAOLI.

It means that this same thing can happen, and apparently, it appears that nothing is Sacred.

It is bad enough that Fukushima has happened, and bad enough that Dog the idiot boy bounty shithead came over showing the world our people in the light that he has, and ICE and domestic violence and all of those other, very ugly things that none of us wants to think about, but the last thing that I know any one of us at all wants to think about or believe can happen in Hawai’i is the same thing that can happen in Hawai’i Nei.

Oh…you don’t believe me?

Why? Is it because we are who we are, or, is it because you want to believe that those islands are untouchable…because …you know….Kuleana lands….and shit like that….Ing and his boys best get their okoles in ACTION NOW if we want the shit, in a year or so, when Mar-a-Lago has had enough of the expense, for certain orange faced people to show up and start pushing his weight around….I mean, one of us could try to put some natural lava rocks straight from the mountain somewhere on that plane….

…ummm yeah no…nevermind that…*ahem*…anyway…(Podagee mout’ haha)

Well, there was and is still a treaty enacted…does it appear to any one of you that this cannot or will not happen to the Land of Aloha, or are you all that hopeful that this …bunch of water stealing marauding bad guys are NOT going to bother with us? You think these guys can’t get on a plane and make it happen? You think you are going to stop them should they get the thought in their heads that we ain’t gonna be okay with it, really?

I thought not…

…good gracious I hope not…doesn’t matter, because I will never believe that any one of us would be okay with this shit happening in Hawaii.

I hope we are not all thinking that just because Hawai’i is out in the middle of the ocean, that these guys cannot get on a gold plated private jet to do exactly that. I hope you are not all sitting there, smugly believing that it won’t happen, just because it hasn’t and just because we are not hearing it – there are a LOT of military people in Hawai’i.


And I am betting that I am not the only one, on this side of the ocean, thinking this way. I bet I am not the only one now worried about what will happen to Hawai’i.

I mean…that is a whole LOT of ocean surrounding that group of islands but STILL…you think the government WON’T start doing MORE military testing at will? Does Pohakuloa tell you ANYTHING AT ALL????

I do not relish the idea that there will be a whole crap load of telescopes placed on top of our mountain, Mauna Kea, neither more poisoning of our Sacred places like Pohakuloa.

I do not relish in the idea that more and more of that damned mouse and that damned duck whose uncle is named Walt and who presently call their home Anaheim, Ca.,who have erected a monument to the gods of wealth and power to the local people

…puhleeze…’Aulani Resort my ass….get a can of Raid, a mousetrap, because the last thing that I want to see when my plane lands on my ancestral home is flashing neon lights and a giant waving animated mouse throwing a shaka sign at me as tears roll down my face…tears of anger and generations of pain, contained in one tiny little amount of water that contains the pains and the heartaches that are well contained within the populace of Kanaka Maoli the world over.

We can choose to sit and do nothing, talk stink and watch.

…or we can FINALLY choose to become a whole unit, and start NOW to protect what is ours, inherently. We might not be the biggest group of people on this planet, but, we are the one group with one thing on its side….yup…ALOHA….so, let’s try this, now that the raging wild auntie is pau testifying all waha in da mout’, shall we?


Us guys, for all of our…”Us Guys-ness”…are not a stupid people. NO NATIVE PEOPLES are stupid, I promise. What we are is reliving the nightmares of the past, and in those nightmares are contained (ready?) the things needed for us to make certain that this shit does not happen anymore. It is bad enough that the waters in the Pacific, no thanks to the damned Fukushima shit that happened a while ago, are now tainted and the wildlife is now very dearly and daily at risk.

That shit ain’t cool.

That shit never has to happen, but, as long as there is money to be made, in any way at all, money will win.

Money doesn’t care. Money buys its way around.

But, money is finite, and proof is that not a lot of us has a whole lot of it. Money leaves us and its lack makes us feel like we are less than, at least when the money is gimundo. The rest of us knows for real that money is a tool for our lives. If we all were able to, we would all live off of the land. This is our ancestry.

The Land. And really, we are all representatives of, represented by, are the very Land. This is the truth – we are Hawai’i. We are the heart, soul, Spirit of the Land of Aloha. We are this, and for generations, we have been led to believe otherwise, taught to see what is different, and only now, now in this time in our collective lives, are we beginning to see that no, no we are not different.

We need each other, regardless of what you want to believe. How can we know what is right and good by our cultural standards if we are not calling each other on our bullshit when the bullshit happens? How can any human being at all know what good and right are if all we are shown is not good, neither right, and the pictures we are shown are those with faces that are the same colors as ours, the same warrior type build, the same giant light of Spirit surrounding us?

Money does not know, cannot see Spirit, for money is void of it. And I am not talking about actual greenbacks…I am talking the attitude of those with plenny kala….this is not who we are, and this is also not who those of Standing Rock are, will ever be.



This is what this is bringing to us, you guys…the chance to STOP FIGHTING with each other and see what the leaders in high office all over this country – and including in the state of Hawai’i’s very own OHA (Office of Haoli-fied Assholes) (haoli…with an ‘i’….because foreigners are not bad people…bad people are bad people- hoales are just people from other places….it is like the difference between “ah” and “er”- do I really gotta spell it out? uh yeah – NOPE….think about it) are doing.

These people are getting away with whatever the hell they want to, and people are just sort of still defending their voting choice.(…you see, people are defending the orange faced clown but not really – they are actually defending their own choices, I think…it just makes more sense to me).

I get it, but I do not get the idea that anyone withOUT the ability for their own skin to go from the very light shade of human to…an bright orange shade…when they- the ones with the non-orange turning face – get mad or stand outside in the sun for too long – I don’t get the idea that someone who can’t turn orange voted for this dude, supports this dude, expected this dude to do the right thing- yeah right…you watch TV at all…ugh…ewwwww (Dass like thinking about one hot steaming pile on your Tutu Lady’s lawn…left there by da new guy’s dog went move in down da corner house…like go slap his head).

He’s a frikkin’ BABOOZE ! YEESH !

And a very dangerous one, at that….but enough about that guy. We have enough guys in our awareness who, if their skin would allow, ought to be turning RED with SHAME because of the way that they have treated people…I mean really? What kind of a turd-like human would …oh that’s right….these guys.

Yeah sorry…I forgot who I was talking about.

To those of you who want the rest of us to turn a blind eye towards what it is and what it is not that we are actually and truly seeing, I want you to take a moment to think about the song, Hawai’i ’78, and I want you to really let those words sink into your awareness and I really, really want you each and all to think that whatever affects you folks over there, also affects and applies to us over here – we are the same people.

I say it..I always say it…get over it already, with this…divisive bullshit…WE ARE THE SAME ! YEESH !!! (Again…I like go slap his head).

I said it, so deal with it.

We are the same as you are, whether you want to believe that or not it is the only truth that means anything. If Standing Rock is proving anything, it is that to have Lokahi is a beautiful thing. 

To pray together, not out of anger, neither fear, but, with a Unified Spirit of Lokahi, no matter what it is that you call Spirit….to pray together, and to be as one whole entire unit of people who come together, not just to protect, but also to fortify. We do not need to pray against anything, really. We need to pray to continue keeping us and what is all of ours as all of ours. If it takes us the rest of our lifetimes – all of us here on this side of the water – to make it clearly understood by the entirety of us…we really dearly need to finally, even as the water distances us, to come together and be the collective of Hawai’ians, to be the actual global ohana, to malama one another, and keep things all pono…

You may think me pupule for saying so, but, the Land that we need to cry for is not actual real estate, even though, to be safe, we might want to think of it as a concern, in more ways than only the way that it happened in North Dakota. My island Soul Aches for those people, for that Ohana, and to my Native American Ohana in my area…my friends, my brothers and sisters…my heart and prayers, my pule aloha is yours, is always yours. Please know, that always, ALL of the descendants of the Nation of Hawai’i still stands with you, our voices crying to the gods, to the planets and the All That Is….’auwe…indeed, ‘auwe, our sorrow is great, but, our Aloha, our prayer is not gone.

We will Stand With You….stand in an endlessness of Aloha, and a levity and purity of heart, soul, and plain old Lokahi, in every way, even if not physically. Our hearts beat to the same Native Drums, the kahea being chanted the world over… and indeed, our National motto : Ua mau ke ea o ka’aina i ka pono…the life of the land is preserved in righteousness…clearly, truly, dearly stands and applies to yours, as well.

Know that you are Loved, cherished…beyond measure, and that always, we will, now and forever, support you and yours.

This is what Standing Rock, to this point, told me – that it is now time to come together, be one Native People, and stand together, rather than apart….

…from my Island called the 9th to yours…. Aloha Mai E….








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