Zuckerberg: Another Rich Clown Without a Clue (Think #NoDAPL)


Wow…as if one clown with too much money and no actual clue was not enough…now this guy, again.

Ua mau ke ea o ka’aina i ka pono

(“The Life of The Land is Preserved in Righteousness”)

Every Hawaiian person reading this right this moment knows about this.

It is an outrage.

No person on this planet, no matter who you are, who you think you are, how much money you have and how much power that kala you think gives to you – the one thing that you cannot take away from anyone at all is their pride, is who they are and where they come from.

Plutonic Energy = Upheaval, on the global scale (Astrologically speaking, that is…) (google it)

Once again, in our country, another group of Indigenous People are being told what to do with their Land, and more – told that they do not have the right to be there, and that since the clown in this photo does not realize that sometimes, money is NOT power, but, a weapon to kill that which is not understood, on this side of the United States, we now have our very own land-rights thing happening…and that group of people, and that land that we are being written about right this moment is OURS… Us Hawaiians, namely the ones who live on Kuleana Lands which were part of the Great Mahele. 

The Kuleana Lands are akin to Native American reservation land….NOT FOR SALE, NO  MATTER WHAT…unless it is for the PUBLIC BENEFIT, and not for A RICH MAN’S PRIVACY OWNERSHIP.

I promise you this much…pride is not that difficult for people of the Human sort, and why?

People have answered that question the same way that I do – because, I am proud of my people, and proud to hail from Ka Po’e O Aloha (The People of Aloha) and, as well, Ka Po’e O Ka Wai (The People of the Water). Just like any other ethnicity has pride, so, too, do all Polynesians…and because they are Polynesians, specifically Hawaiians, they are my global ohana. Due to this, I must make these words matter, and we must …repulse…the nation, the world…the All That Is…with these actions against an entire neighborhood of families who have been in those 13 homes for many, many generations.

Despicable…is far too nice a descriptor for Mark Zuckerberg.

hawaiian pride

This leads me to this next thing –  pride is not only about who and what we are, but also where we anciently and indigenously originate from.

In my case, in many cases, that place where we anciently and indigenously originate from are the Polynesian Islands. Specifically, I am talking mainly about the islands of my own ancestry – anciently, that of the Kingdom of Hawai’i. Of course, that ancestry, because it is indigenous in the Polynesian manner, I also am writing about my Samoan brothers and sisters, the very ones whose families have been in Hawaii and on the mainland for generations. This affects them as well, because MANY OF THEM WERE BORN AND RAISED IN HAWAII.

In this instance, the most outrageous thing possible is to expect the Natives of ANY LAND just to step aside because you have money, and lawyers, and you have people all over the world making you famous, yes, right now, even me – to expect these people to just hand it all over to you, because you are you. Not just because you have a fuck load of money, fame and (limited) power…but purely and in the very most…shitty to other human beings manner….and totally and absolutely JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU.

In this instance, the appalling thing is that Zuckerberg has no idea the thing that is happening on the other side of this lawsuit – the one that he has brought against 13 Hawaiian families on the island of Kaua’i…because the (ahem) new property “owner” doesn’t like that his privacy is being breached….on 700 acres of pristine Hawaiian land…Hawaiian Kuleana Land!


Dude, you cannot manage to find ukuplenny amounts of privacy on 1.12 miles of land, land that is Sacred, and that is and will not ever be yours, not as long as there is even only one Hawaiian person left on this planet?

That land, no matter what, even if you purchased it, will not ever be yours for real. It will always and only belong to the Hawaiian People, and more, those families who you pulled a fast one on. You likely had no problem reminding them that the money you paid them, if what I am told is the truth – made it seem that it was only real estate, that they could get a much nicer house in a much nicer area. (Or what likely really happened was that you were met with angry generational land owners….yeah -probably this one, huh?)

It is never going to be only real estate you fucking ham hock.

Just like the settlers did, you also did.

You have marched your sorry ass into the doors of the Monarchy, behaving just the same way that I imagine the settlers did back in the 1700’s, like Dole did and like the missionaries did and like all of those perverts and dullards and morons from the new world and the old world came into our Sacred World and gave us disease and shame did.

Like they did, you brought with you more than only the syphilis called you and the leprosy of greed and ignorance. You brought division. You brought hatred (and contempt for an entire populace of people)  and your big, scary, haoli (because a haole is the actual word for foreigner…I have no problem with foreigners. I have a problem with thieving, bullying, arrogant and narcissistic haoli men who barge into the lives of Hawaiians and abuse them….over and over again…) god (called hunnit dollah bills, yo)  and your big fat wallets and thought that you would get away with the world never knowing about this – even if only in the proverbial manner.

You did this, Mark.

You are making history repeat itself, and we, as a people get to have a DO OVER.

And yes…indeed I have the guavas to make certain that the world knows, using the site that helped you get the billions you are now using to sue My People, because in suing those 13 Hawaiian families, you very well could be doing just that – SUING MY PARTICULAR PEOPLE!

If there is anything at all that this can do for us, as Hawaiian people as a unit, is to actually practice this thing called Lokahi, to bring us together on each side of the Pacific Ocean, to rally around those 13 Hawaiian families on Kuleana Land, to let them know that all of us here are also there with them, standing firmly with them, never standing down, fists in the air, voices in unison…

If anything, it will give us a chance, NOT to bicker over who is of more blood quantum than who, a chance to look to one another across the water and instead of seeing what is not the same about us, what is the same and more, what we on this side of the water can do to help protect those 13 Hawaiian families. It will give those familiar with and employed in the legal trades, in the media, in government, who are religious leaders, educators, the military, in tech…in every industry, and in every corner of the world, the chance to show our Aloha to those who might not be able to do much more than they have been, for a long time now, which is do everything that they can to keep their land, just as the ‘Aumakua intended it to be. We over here can loan our time and our talents, our Aloha, to this cause, because this cause is not only about those 13 plots of land.

This cause is about all of us. WE are another group of indigenous people who are being told that they are not meant to have their own land, that their home and their lives and their ancestry and their ties to the land and the history are not important.

It is about the Karma that needs to be closed for the generations of Hawaiians who have passed on into the other side of the veil, and the Karma which waits for those who bully people to get their way and behave as though it is their right to take away a family’s…13 of them…home.

It is about the settlers coming and taking what was not theirs, and the Kanaka Maoli who were there, who were ignorant to the things that the settlers brought with them, and the idea that right this moment, history is repeating itself. Since the time that the settlers came to the islands, we have lived collectively with a sense of deep cultural shame that is cellular and in the DNA, even as we glow immensely with pride, and it is a pride that took all these generations to cultivate. We were called heathens, savages, idiots, whores….and we now get this chance, one more time, to stand up against the ones who took what was ours. We have that chance now to not let it happen again, not just to the Kuleana Thirteen, but TO US ALL.

Right this moment, we are, on our own, a force to be reckoned with, because it is now 2017, and we are lots more learned and intelligent than we were when those men wearing wigs and rouge, lacy, frilly blouse-type shirts and capris pants and 2″ high heeled granny boots (and making me laugh when I think about how the only thing that pops into this Kahu’s vision at this very moment is Liberaci….bwaahahahahahahahaa) showed up, stole our lands, raped our women, called us heathens and savages, made us slaves in our own homelands.

We are no longer being told that we are not allowed to be who we are, for real, the very all of us. We are no longer scared to fight, but, this time, it is not about busting someone in eye for pride, but, instead fighting proudly, like one of the Queen’s men, knowing that this is not pretend, that we have to do more than just be pissed off. We need to do it right, this time around, and instead of the settlers jailing our beloved Liliuokalani, this time we free the land for the 13 families, and, too, the Ohana the world over.

I am sure that if you did not know before why it is that this is much bigger than only that land, that it is not cause to take up only for those 13 Hawaiian families, but for the Global Hawaiian Ohana, period, you know it now…

Come on, you folks…let’s get this party started….9th island style…


#MaoliMetalHornsUP  \m/ \m/






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