Of Telescopes and Pipelines….and why they mean so much


I make a big deal out of being Indigenous.

I make a big deal out of #NoTMT.

I make a big deal out of #NoDAPL

…I have three reasons why….can you guess what they are…or rather…who?


The four people in this photo are my daughter, Grace, my oldest boy Jeremy, and the youngest one, Joshua.

The insane looking person in the background is me, cracking up with my kids.

Needless to say, and anyone who made it there this past November 24th, 2016, to this small house in Pomona, CA, for however long it was that you managed to be there for – one thing was very evident: I love my family. I love my soul sister Wendy. I love her kids, and I love her kids’ friends, as much as I love my own kids and my own kids’ friends. This is my family. These are my people.

I don’t have a lot of photos to share with you all here, but I have lots of thoughts about things, things regarding other things that ought to have not one thing to do with holidays and thinking about things like holidays…

…this holiday was very different.

#NoTMT and #NoDAPL

Over the last few weeks, if folks could manage to choose which ridiculous political drama it was that they would choose as their mind poison, you would figure out that I, too, have sort of a “political” thing goin’ on.

In reality, it, for me, for many others like me (read: indigenous…hey Fish…how are you, my brotha? How are those little warriors of yours?) – it is anything at all but political. It has everything to do with life, with respect for the lives and the way others live theirs and most of all, has to do with EVERYTHING “Native” and “American” and “Kanaka” and “Maoli” because my brothers and sisters…we are each and every one of us, these very things.

It has to do with the perpetuation of how Sacred life is, has to do with how dearly we truly have no idea just how connected we are to and with one another, or how much we actually depend on one another for things that we, ourselves, cannot give to us…things that we must get from, must experience with others.

This past November 24, 2016, the fourth Thursday of the month, provided me, Wendy, at one point in time, The Maestro, as well as almost a dozen young people with exactly the energy that ought to be given to these things happening in North Dakota, and, as well, these…considerations…regarding NOT placing yet one more telescope atop our Sacred Mountain, Mauna Kea.

The idea is NOT about NOT building the telescope there, but is more about having respect for the reasons why it ought to not be. (I mean really? TMT…you guys have this whole planet, and even have a few places here in Southern California, where you have an office in Pasadena…go into the Cajon Pass or something…go blaze the trails Joseph Smith and his evil doers once did…leave our damned mountain alone, and if you happen to happen upon some Paiutes in the Cajon…do as they ask and leave theirs alone, too…yeesh!)

For some time now, we who hail from indigenous origins have been made to fight for what was  and is still ours outright. We have been told who we are and we have been made to think otherwise than how it was that our ‘Aumakua raised us – to be mindful and respectful of others, to have love in our hearts for others and to not judge, but always to question what it was that we did not understand, because always in the question was the answer.

This is the way of the Ancients, of the ‘Aumakua, of those among us considered as The Wise.

Right Now

Right now, our Native American Hanai Ohana…our soul tribes in North Dakota…are literally fighting for their lives, the lives of their children, their elders, and of course, for the traditions that were handed down by their own ancients, their own ‘Aumakua. We have now, in our midst, the thing that we thought we would never, which is the makings for another “trail of tears,” and really, it doesn’t need to be this way.

My reasons for being so …activist…about #NoDAPL is really rooted in my own indigenous roots and is connected to the hashtag #NoTMT…also recognized as standing for “No Thirty Meter Telescope.”

Mauna Kea is our very Sacred place.

In Hawai’i, we have MANY Sacred places, and even as I may well be the very most…eccentric, rock n’ roll, hood-rat on a mission…of all Kahuna that this country has ever begun to know about, the one thing that remains in me, that was instilled in my own soul likely long before it was contained in this body, is this fight that will not let go of this very energy that tells me, tells us all that we cannot now, nor can we ever, not until the very last rubber bullet has been made into the example of the supremacy that has been unspoken until these latest presidential elections…we cannot ever let go of this…not until the last way of making indigenous people cower into submission to these outer powers that want to be realize that they are outnumbered.

We cannot ever let go of the idea that we have to…HAVE TO…do like we in the ‘hoods of Southern California have always done…that one thing is to represent…


I am a SoCal Maoli.

I live in what used to be known, for many, many several generations, as one of this nation’s harshest, most violent towns (it is actually one with a deep sense of pride in community as well as its people …namely those who give a damn…hello Fred, Gary and Frankola….Sue, Germaine, Ms. V….of course the young people…Grace, Jeremy Joshua, Tommy, Porcia, Scotti,  Jacob, Christian…and the Wise Ones…hi Wendy…David, Muah). I have seen things, been part, unknowingly, of things that were violent acts that somehow just happened to happen right where I was, right in that minute…but, I would not be, we all would not be in this town were that it were not that somehow, we are needed here.

Somehow, we are who will get these messages of the Divine to the rest of the world about who we are and why we are the way that we are.

This is not only particular to those of us in P-Town (as we lovingly refer to it as being), but to the rest of us who are in charge of a soul…which all of us are..we are all in touch with and in charge of our own souls. We are here to make a difference, the very each and all of us, in the lives of others, through the mechanism that is the very singular self within. We are born with this ability to reach out and to care about others, to give to them the thing that they, themselves, are not able to give to themselves, no matter what hippie-metaphysical guru healer “coach but not a coach” wants to tell you is in you, because these things have to be shared in order for them to be real – a sense of belonging, a sense of community, a sense of family.

This is what these …fights…for land, for things and places of a Sacred Nature gives to us all…a sense of belonging, a sense of community, and a sense of family. Whatever you might want to believe that is otherwise to this next thing is something that you were lied to about – we all need these things, and it is within others that it exists. Where it exists within us is not for us, but for us to share with others.

Too many of us want to hang on to the things and the ways of being, things that tell us that we have to be all and only for ourselves, that we have to make certain that all others stay away so that what is ours stays ours in terms of intangible things…things that might have held strong and true in the past, but those days are over.

We are now poised and ready to do one of two things – we are either ready to stand up and give voice to the things that we know are not right and lend ourselves to that energy through prayers and online messaging, tweeting and posting…or…we do nothing, because we tell ourselves that it is not ours to be bothered with.

My prayer is that you will choose to give voice to your Souls, that you will reach within, to the past, to your ‘Aumakua’s guidance, to the things that matter, to the actual reason why we, as Kanaka Maoli, no matter where we are on this planet, are so dearly effected by what is happening in North Dakota.

My prayer is that you will choose to reach out to one another, not only now so that we can stop the constant rape and pillage of the global village, but forever.

We do not celebrate the holidays for food reasons, or football reasons, and we do not celebrate the holidays for gift reasons or because all da aunties from the ‘aina are coming to the mainland again…we celebrate because we are human, and because we need the Divine connection with souls most like ours. When talking in terms of indigenous souls, and because people who hail from indigenous origins are all about life lived from the soul, out, we are talking about way more than real estate, way more than land rights, water rights, rights as anything other than people who have been sanctioned by the Goddess to protect as well as provide for the generations which will follow ours.

It is not a statement that we are, that the Native Americans are weak, by any measure, but that our indigenous selves and their indigenous selves are strong in Spirit, in heart and soul, in the idea that what is theirs ought to stay theirs, and that NO government or private entity has the right to take away what is so inherently that of The Great Sioux Nation.

When we allow others to come in and we do not bother to fight hard and fight the good fight for what is so dearly ours and so dearly NOT FOR SALE, we are not losing just for ourselves, but more importantly, for the children of indigenous origins all over the world.

The Children of Indigenous Origins All Over The World…

Those three clowns in the photo call me “Mom.”

I am their mother.

Yet, throughout their lives they have learned about their indigenous selves, have been taught about the importance of Spirit, of knowing where they came from and who they are in that measure.

My kids are “Hapa- Haole,” meaning that they are half-white.

Throughout their lives, though, they have not identified with that part of their selves, and while I have not made it impossible for them to know that part of who they are, all three have gravitated toward the Kanaka Maoli in them, because that is the way that I raised them. I wanted them to know what it meant to be indigenous, to know that no matter what, theirs is the birth right of the Royal Monarchy, of Na Kahuna, of Prophets, Seers, Sorcerers and Medicine Women like their mother.

I wanted them to know how special they are, not only because they are mine, but because they are part of the Kingdom of the Nation of Hawai’i.

It is important to them to be able to pronounce their mile-long middle names. It is important to them that they adhere to the unspoken Kuleana, the indigenous responsibility that they have, not only to our culture, but, to their own very indigenous souls, their Kanaka Maoli selves.

It is ours to pass on to them, all these traditions that are ours as have been given to us by the ‘Aumakua, by the lives of those who came before us and the things that our Ancestors, the ones who are akin to the Elders, the Grandmothers, of the Native American Tribes of the United States. It is ours, as their parents, to make certain that the things that are so very dearly inherently a part of who we are as a people, be held on to so as to be perpetuated into the generations which will follow theirs, and the very ones who will refer to me, to the Maestro, to Wendy and to all those as The Elders

This is the reason why we must show the collective of young people in our lives who they are and why it is so very important that we fight the good fight, pick the good fight, and fight in the manner that we have been handed down by the ‘Aumakua, by the Elders, The Grandmothers, The Ancients.

My three very important reasons are in the photo…my three kids are the reason why I am so very dearly passionate about what is going on in North Dakota, about what has always been going on in Hawai’i, regarding profits and scientific discovery, all on ancient and Sacred indigenous lands.

One day, they will also have children, and those children will want to know what it is that we are, as their Elders, their Grandmothers, their living ‘Aumakua, passing down to them. I did not, still do not, have material means to leave to my kids (it’s early still) things that are tangible, but, the thing that I have passed on to them and in wild, native abundance is Native Pride, is the sense of the Spirit of Maoli, in the most Ancient ways that I could have, that I still do.

They wear it, very well, I might add, on their sleeves, even…the fact that all of their lives they have been referred to by their elders, their Grandmothers…as Kahakuloa,  Baby Maile and “little man” (Kane means “man” in ‘olelo). They have been referred to, their lives long, as the Kanaka Maoli that, to this moment, I have raised them to recognize themselves as, and they are three of the most …filled with actual Aloha souls…ever to walk upon the Sacred skin of Mama Haumea…of Mother Earth…

My reason for this fight for Indigenous Rights is NOT about anything tangible, but rather, and only, about things that cannot be purchased, cannot be thought of as anything other than the reason we are all in existence…

…to live and let live…

Please pray for our Indigenous Ohana in North Dakota…and of course, continue the Pule for our own Kanaka Maoli Selves…

#ONIPAA  #NoDAPL  #NoTMT  #LosAngelesKahuna #TheCrabAndTheFish22  .@LAKahunaRox22








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