It is NOT TIME to get FUTLESS (but even I stay futless…)


Hui ! Kanakas…just because we all wanna think it is somehow okay to either pick on people or that it is okay that others pick on us, all due to the way that the elections turned out…I am here to tell you that now is NOT THE TIME TO GET FUTLESS !!

I would nothing more than to have a big, giant, obnoxious, fat-ass tantrum…right this minute, and why?

Our next president, that’s why.

LOTS of us are truly, dearly, undeniably futless, and over what? Things that truly, we had no actual control over, given that the person who none of us thought would be the leader of the free world (and truly, I do not think that even he thought he would be elected) is now on the brink of taking over the country, like, for real.

And plenty of us guys are da MAX even…

I am perplexed, but I am not futless, because if I was futless about it, I promise – EVERYONE would know it (I AM paht podaghee….no can stop being waha in da’ mout’…eh, even my HANDS stay podaghee….evah seen how much I get fo’ say when I write?…bum-bye…keep reading, yeah?).

Futless…if I were futless over the end result, I promise, everyone would know it..that is, if it were that this writing were about the results of the election in terms of the president elect.

It is not.

It is about our collective futlessness….

My Futlessness

Bwaaahahahaaaaa! … “Futless”…..hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The word brings back a lot of memories from my childhood and all of the great times that I had as that kid with my cousins. I had the most fun when we were all together. There is one time in my memories that sticks out the most. I was with my cousins, Lance, Anela and Tricia, and we were at the grocery store with their mother, Auntie Liz. We were not the typical mom with a bunch of kids – nope.

We were Kanaka.

Not Pah-kay (eh, make fun all you like but, plenny guys here don’t know how to spell it or even read it correctly….)

Not Mexican, or black, or Puerto Rican….Hawai’ian…we were Hawai’ians. And we made no secret of it. As will all kids in the grocery stores will do, we wanted what was at the check out – gum and candy and everything else…and when Auntie said no, we did not have even a fraction of a second to think about it when she also said “…and eh – no get futless, yeah?…”

And well…futless, as most Hawai’ian children will not and we did not, get.

It was not that she said it that made us all crack up, but, it was in the delivery of it -said just EXACTLY like any ‘Aina-born Auntie would, and how, eventually, my cousins (who are more like my siblings….Lance and Anela and Tricia…I Love You, guys…Hi Uncle Eddie…) and I would also say, just like she did.

To this day, Anela and I laugh and laugh about that day at the grocery store.

“Was good fun, cuzz…” she will say to me, to which I will reply “I know, yeah?” and we say it, and laugh some more…haha.

So, here we are, and the one thing that I like to do the most is take you folks back to your small keed time, back when your aunties and uncles, your Tutu Man would take you to get saimin, and your Tutu Lady would sneak you a dollar for shaved ice…by sharing my times, with my cousins, as well as get the message to the all of us that like when we were small guys, in the grocery store with our aunties and cousins, and Auntie told us “No!” when we wanted something from the candy rack, and we were told NOT to get futless.

I realized when I had my own kids and I was at the store with their friends (because my kids don’t have a lot of cousins to hang with but they have uku-gazillion pals who all call me “Mom”…so, same thing, yeah?) and I told them no, or gave them an answer that they did not want, that I would, more times than not, tell these kids “Eh, no get futless, yeah? Da world not gon’ end…you not gon’ die if you no get dat…” …

…”futless”… it is one of our culture’s best creations, you must agree with me, this word futless haha!

Now is most assuredly NOT the time for futlessness…so not get FUTLESS!!

We can think that what we are seeing online and in our social networks is the truth, and we can again be led by fear of the same things that happened to our ancestors, or, we can do the thing that not a whole lot of people have done, but that I feel like a whole lot of people will be doing…dealing with it…meaning not getting FUTLESS! (Such a GREAT word! Haha!)

Getting futless over things that, while it will affect us, eventually, just like we have been acclimated to things that we do not like, and just like we sort of accept that things have happened as they have, the one thing that we do not need to do is get all futless. Getting futless, and being angry with people – people who we might not even know for real (and what the hell is up with that, by the way? Be nice! Yeesh! ) and taking their opinions as being also factual is pupule.

Humans, on the whole, right now, have not bothered with thinking about one true thing – there was nothing that said that we have to take personally the things that people are saying to each other, even now, at this late stage in the process. This is awful.

It should not be this way.

There ought to be no kind of futlessness, and neither any kind of accompanying futless behavior – no one needs it.

What we actually need is for people to stop panicking.

We need to think about this. We need to stop panicking. We have not even had day one of this man’s term in office and already, through the fear mongering and the bitter grapes, we have people all over the country protesting this thing, when in reality, they need to be protesting in North Dakota.

What we need to do is THINK and not SPECULATE, because the last time I checked, we are not all psychic, and we are not able to tell the future, neither are we able to change the past – all we are able to do is deal with right now. Right now we have this oil pipeline in North Dakota that so does not need to be built. There is the rail line. There is no need to do this. It reminds me way too much of the telescopes on Mauna Kea. While I can see that there are billions of dollars at stake, what I cannot see is how it is that people can be futless over this babooze winning the office of the president of the United States when there is so much more going on than anyone’s reason at this time to be ass hurt.

The one thing that I am noticing is that there are still people from the winning party (winning?) who still are …on fire…with all of their shittiness, and all of their rhetoric, and all of their…crap…and there are still people who are passionate about him or her or the other people and frankly, it is just another excuse for people to be horrific to one another.

End of story.

We are a nation, even as we, specifically, are a nation within a nation, of haters, and it is the saddest thing in the world to me.

It is as if we like our ongoing battle with futlessness.

The bottom line is that all of this election craziness has brought out the very worst in all of us. We, at one point in time, were at each others’ throats. There are those of us who are fine and good with supporting their guy, but, there are a lot of those who are doing that as well as taking the time and the opportunity to be absolutely rancid with people.

It has gotta stop.

It is not good for us collectively, and if you are island born or raised and you are taking part in all of this madness, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. If you are on the other side and bad mouthing his side? You need to kuli kuli kou waha already….no more anger, no more misplaced hatred, no more fear….no more futlessness…

No get futless!

Yeesh !





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