Sam Low_Hokulea


(Amen and Testify!)


We, collectively, are really good at one thing – we are really good at making certain that as quickly as it was that we would be knocked down, we also rise again.

Lots of us want to think of these latest things happening in the presidential elections as being things that will allow those who lots of us see as foreigners to have further reign and control of who we are as a cultural whole.

This is not the truth.

It will never be the truth.


If we have our wits about ourselves as a collective whole, we will remember this thing called Act 195, which states, pretty much, that just like our Native American Hanai Ohana, we are also privy to our lands, our ways, our lives, not just as US citizens, but, also as Kanaka Maoli. We like thinking that somehow, the rules, because of the way that we are treated by certain facets of government, we are somehow the black sheep nieces and nephews of Uncle Sam.

We are and we are not.

We are Hawaiians, by and large, and because of this, we are a nation and a people unto our own.

Yet, many of us who complain about who we are in this country want to be on both sides of the street in that we want to be known as Hawaiians, but, we also want to enjoy the freedoms that are also ours in terms of being American citizens.

And really, this is what we are supposed to do – we are supposed to know who we are culturally, as well as who we are as part of the American landscape. We know, for real, that we are far more than the vacation home of the United States.

We cannot lose who we are in all of this.

We cannot go back to the days of our being what the late Michael Jackson referred to as “being a color,” because native peoples of all lands are not just the color of our skin.

We cannot fail ourselves to this sort of thinking. We cannot bother ourselves with trying hard to prove that we are who and what we are to those whose interests are not in line with that of the ‘Aumakua. Ours must not be the fight that the rest of the world is thinking that those whose ancestry thrives in our indigenous souls are ready to take on. There is no and ought to be no “new” battles for us.

Our battle is cut out and ready and we are already taking those who need to be taken to task, to task. I am sorry to let you all know this, and it is a truth that not even I like but also pertains to me, how I feel, and everything else that is surrounding this election crap – I dislike the guy who was elected into office, but, he is there now, and now we have to make certain that we are never, ever seen as being anything other than what it is that we really are, no matter where you are in this world – if you are Hawai’ian, that is that, and wherever you are, Hawaii is there, too.

Wherever your feet are, no matter where that is on this planet, that, too, is Hawai’i. It really is all in one’s own perspective, just like all else, including and especially this election crap.

We do not have to buy into all of this crap, all of this waha in da’ mout’ stuff happening right now, around the nation and around the world.

Big damned deal…so the people who will be running the country might not be the most…wonderful human beings on the planet. We already knew this.

We have all known this for a long time now, and why anyone is truly shocked as to why it turned out this way is beyond me – stranger things have happened, and it is so like me to tell anyone, from the Kahuna’s point of view, that obviously, we are meant to learn something from these next few years, and part of what we are learning is to accept things as they are, but to not forget that those same things have the ability to change and become something that not one of us ever thought it might or could.

The only way that we are going to know this is if we step aside of the hurt that we do not need to conjure within, and get away from the idea that anyone is out to get anyone else. We are not supposed to be afraid, so stop being afraid.

Think only on the good…and think about how much further, because of all of these things that are breaking our collective hearts right this moment and making us feel like someone is using sandpaper on our wet skin…we are being made stronger, wiser, better…think about it.

Nope, this is not me making excuses, making nice, making A…this is me making perfect sense

During this time, the one thing that we need to remember is this…

I am not suggesting that any one of us expose our throats and let the wolves have at it – not at all.

What I am suggesting is that we each and all remember one sure thing -our ‘aina was, at one time, a kingdom. Many of us are tied by blood to the throne, anciently even, and this does and indeed include myself.

I did not share that with you folks to brag, because a whole lot of us are descendants of the Hawaiian Monarchy. I shared that to remind you each and all that since this is the case…since it is that a whole lot of us are descendants of the monarchy…meaning the royal family…so, do you each and all not agree that perhaps we ought to behave as though this is the truth of us?  Ought we not behave as though we are the most regal, royal, classy creatures in the nation, because yeah…we hail from the throne, a whole hell of a lot of us.

This means that it would serve us, each and all, to serve as our own manner of royal ambassadors to the royal Hawaiian Monarchy, to the memory of our last reigning monarch – Queen Liliu’okalani Paki. We ought to be wearing the pride of the crown, ought to be taking into consideration that we have been fighting and trying to become something that we have never not been – the only monarchy in the nation, even if only in our hearts and souls.

Pretty much…we are descended from the Hawaiian Monarchy….so please, by any and all means – ACT LIKE IT!

We are a culture based on ALOHA…


Unfortunately, not too many Hawaiians of these modern times understand that there is a reason why the word “Aloha” is such an important one – it is because we are, essentially, the very people of Aloha.

It is our job to show it, to cultivate it, to make it be the thing that we each and all turn it into, so that as the collective whole of humans with this shared Maoli ancestry, we form this giant conglomerate of the one thing that we have in endless means – the Soul of Aloha.

Right now the world wants us to stop caring for our brothers and sisters and to stop supporting them in their efforts to protect the water and their sacred lands from the billionaire investors who want to again place these natives on what can only be likened to the new version of the Trail of Tears.

Right now the world of the small minded wants us to accept the things that have been said about minorities, and right now the part of the country whose guy won this presidential election that is creating ugliness and hatred – these parts want people like you and I to just conform to what is their particular agenda, because apparently, we are not allowed to have one …and really, we don’t have one.

We don’t truly have any agenda that would cause those who will come into power this winter a reason to think that we are trying hard to make it so that they have anything to say to us that sounds like they are going to further desecrate our sacred lands, our sacred places, our sacred, sacred selves.

Of course, we can never be too sure that this will or will not happen, the further desecration of our own sacred lands, all in the name of Science.

However, we haven’t got that to think about right this moment, because that is something that we are always thinking about…protecting and keeping what is ours, no matter what it is.

Rather than continue to be Nuha….

…remember who we are.

It is that simple.

Remember that we hail from the monarchy, that we were our own nation at one time, and that we were the only monarchy in this country. Remember that we hail from the Kamehameha line, that we come from the throne, that we are a culture within a culture, just like our Native American Ohana is.

Remember that we were never, not one of us, not one human being, was ever meant to be at odds with others, that we were meant to live, love and carry into the future, our own cultural traditions and norms, were meant to be the carriers of the Kuleana torch passed down to us by so many who came before us.

Remember our ancient selves, the selves that went to the deities, that remembered the lessons brought to us via the myths and remember that we are who created our gods, and when our gods fail us, it is our kuleana to exclude them from our lives. Remember that we are who have this power, and that no other culture’s gods, beliefs, deities, norms, customs and ways ever have to be ours – they were not ours, and they do not have to ever be ours. We have no restrictions on if whether or not it is that we have to like the things that have transpired. We only have to remain steadfast in our manner of being able to NOT get all shitty with other people, so that easily, we can maintain who we are for real, which is truly nothing short of royalty.

At least a whole lot of us, that is…

Can the good Reverend (PLEASE) get an Amen and a Testify?

This is it, you guys – we can either put our very selves to the test, make ourselves be all we are and all we are meant to be, and say to hell with what the rest of the political planet wants to believe…or…

We can be the thing that we have been told we are.

We can continue to onipa’a…remain steadfast….live within the energy that is Lokahi (unity) and be guided by the Aloha within the very each and all of Hawai’i as it stretches, through us all, the world over.

We can choose to do like the rest of the “minorities” are doing and get all …nuha…and ass hurt…over things that the collective of people chose to be, over things that we have no idea about yet, and over things that we do not know will or will not happen…or we can do like we have always done, which is to kulea i ka nu’u …continue to strive for the top.

This is our time, you folks, not to be put to the test by anyone other than our very selves.

We can be locked in this collective sense of inferiority forever, or, we can do as we have always and always malama who we are, through educating the masses about us, and correcting them about who we are not.

Continue to strive for the top, guys….kulea i ka nu’u….keep doin’ it!

Eventually, the people who need to see us for who we really are will see …

Eventually, we will realize that it is no one other than our very selves who actually needs to see…

…can I get an Amene i E Ho’ike???

Can I get an amen and a testify?






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