On Behalf of Our Native American Brothers and Sisters…

Not a lot of people know without being told about how similar Kanaka Maoli and Native Americans truly are.

Whether anyone at all wants to believe me or not, and whether anyone wants to believe that I am NOT trying hard to compare one to the other, understand right this moment that, unless you know your own ethnic and cultural history, at least as well as the Kanaka Maoli do, as well as I KNOW the Native American Peoples do…then you have no real clue as to what the Native American peoples are currently experiencing.

What they are going through is what we Kanaka have been through in recent years. No matter who wants to think what, the argument is the same – leave our Sacred Lands the hell alone!


To those in the scientific community the world over, the mountain is just another place to study the heavens with.


It is not.

By any means.

As a scientist, I get it – I do everything that I can within my power to find out more of how and, more importantly, why humans think they way that we do in certain situations. I love the brain. I love science. I love knowing the things that I know about how we, as carbon based beings, think and how we come to that place of thought, not only about how we see the world around us, but more, how we fit into that world.

To the lesser knowing, these places on the planet are just real estate, and human life is expendable.

All in the name of Science or Industry, they will desecrate the very most Sacred lands of a thousand and one spirits, and they will take it upon themselves to take, once again, not just the land that is ours, but our rights to those lands. They will take the rights to the Sacred element of Water, and poison it, because of some damned foreign government that does not give a damn about something as both important and needed as the water supply.

This is a heartache, and a blackened eye over the scar left on the collective soul of Native Americans, and is the reminder to us Kanaka Maoli about just how much our contribution to life means to anyone at all – industry, it seems, rules the world. When guys like Donald Trump are allowed to speak on behalf of an entire section of the US population and be correct about how certain people in this country feel about people like me (those with naturally occurring olive-toned skin), there is an actual problem and the actual problem is NOT that we do not know that the problem exists, but that we actually think that like all else this too, shall pass.


It will not.

No, not  just this issue with mountains and water and things like that.

I am talking about the taking of things that do not belong to you. I am talking about thinking that somehow, the things that applied during the first time that certain peoples of the planet decided to rape, thieve, kill, maim, do away with, basic and simple human rights as provided by the land that is …native, inborn, NOT TO BE TAKEN…from others, just because they are a peaceful people, just because it has happened in the past, and just because in the past, there were peoples on this planet who got away with this sort of …crap.

When will we learn that it is not nice to bully people, and it is not okay to make a mockery of entire bodies of indigenous peoples, all in the name of science, or profit, or just because you can?

I would really like to know why it is that the bullies, the Trumps of the planet, still believe that they are who make the rules.

While they rule where they ought to, they have stepped on the soul of a thousand and one Ancestors, and far more than they realize, they have begun not just an actual war, but more – a war they cannot win…the one of Spirit, of Ancestry, of Integrity clothed as equality. When we, as indigenous peoples, remember that above all, we are born of, live by Spirit – this is when we will, without any hesitation and without anything getting in the way – rise above which is hoped to kill off the most important part of who we are, which is the Soul.

We indigenous folk…we were not born to be the ones who get things taken away from us, taken away from an entire demographic of people, away from people who, by right of who they, who we, collectively are, a peaceful people.

And those who would call it “all in the name of science” or “all in the name of industry” have no clue what it means, apparently, to honor one’s own culture. Let it be the other way around, though – ever seen how it is that these same interests will come unglued if we choose to do as we have and fight back – ever notice how they end up doing the thing that they have always done, which is to lean on technology, the sort that we would never use on anyone else, all for the purpose of not only getting one’s own way but more, making certain that entire populations of indigenous peoples are still oppressed?

There is no need for any of this – just go and do this shit on YOUR OWN peoples’ Sacred Lands…see how the damned Queen Mum feels about you guys taking over in the palace courtyard…see how YOUR living ‘Aumakua behave once they are made to take responsibility for the actions of THEIR ancestors, and instead of beating the shit out of ours, over and over again, and prior to our making certain that the Gods and Goddesses, the ‘Aumakua, both living and passed…see how that shit works out in reverse.water-is-life

On behalf of the native peoples of the United States of America, and to all of the people who are trying hard to make certain that profits win out over human lives.

I do not, cannot, will not ever understand why you people do this. (Yes – YOU PEOPLE) If this were your land, you would be up in arms.

If this were your home, you would be calling the police, on your own people even, just like you have done to us – both sets of natives have been told, pretty much, that this land is not our land, and therefore, we have no say so. How would you, all of you…land owners…all of you…industry giants….all of you…people who just do not get it – how would you feel were that this YOUR LAND, the very land that YOUR ancestors walked upon…

…oh wait – that’s right -you STOLE OUR LANDS…

You brought your guns and your boats and your God who punished those who worshiped the way we had, that some of us still do, and you brought your disease and your judgmental bullshit and you brought your inferiority complexed masked as superior to us, and you are not this.

You brought your expectations that we would just cower, and then when we refused, on both the ‘Aina and also the actual physical land called The USA, and then you brought the idea that we would be enslaved by you, by force, and when we refused, you killed our people. You made it appear, just because you could, because at that time, you had the education, the money, the government backing, and all we each and all had were the things that were handed down to us by our ‘Aumakua, by the Grandmothers, by the ancestry…you made it appear as though somehow, we really were godless heathens, truly were these savages able to kill, maim, bring harm to, our knives and rudimentary weaponry no match for your fire power, your military, your hubris, your unwarranted hatred for things not like you.

Here you are again, believing that somehow, we are not numerous, that we are not going to fight back, that somehow, we are not meant to have a say so.

I promise, we have a say so. You do not now, even while you thought you did way back when, have the right to take away what was ours to begin with. The water, the land, these things are ours, indigenously, and you have taken it upon yourselves to take again what is NOT yours.

You continually place us on these trails where tears are the things that are the only evidence of the wrong doings, of the things that too much money and privilege has bought without anyone’s say so. You want these native people to once again, give up what is theirs, what it is that they have, by right of the Ancestors, been placed in charge of.

And because you have a bankroll and you have your arrogance and you have your people, you forget that we also have ours, and ours are far more numerous than are yours.

To my fellow native peoples….go look outside, guys…here in Los Angeles, the sky is dark and the clouds heavily laden with moisture…

…methinks ’tis time for dancing in the rain…

Methinks ’tis time to petition the ‘Aumakua.

Methinks ’tis time that the natives…we got restless…

*grabs ‘ipu heke drum*







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