Dear Keiki…Maoli, or Not…


What we each and all possess as Knowledge is our tool for survival in this lifetime, and on this ‘Aina we call home. No -not just 9th island…the whole planet. 

There is no one within reach of this blog, within reach of my very name, who would not know that there is one thing that I value, for every soul in existence, almost as much as I value Love as being the very Highest Value of all. That one thing is Wisdom.

There are people on this planet who do not value, at all, this thing called knowledge. Without knowledge, there can be no Wisdom.

There are people who, for whatever reason they have, denounce learning as a waste of time.

There are people who exist on this plane with us who belittle those of us who are students.

Myself, and my other half knows this about me – I am a perpetual student. (and when you reach a certain age, a prettier term is the word “researcher”…and yes, I am indeed both. Please, keep reading…) I have had to accept (yes, accept) the fact that the only place that I belong that is aside of right next to him, is the very place where I spend as much time at as I do with him. That place is school (which, either way, is not enough for me). (He read that and I can hear him speaking out loud…“that’s my pineapple…”) (No shit…he said it. I know it…keep reading…). I Love School. I Love being there almost as much as I Love being with him, almost as much as I Love my daughter’s Lemon Jeezuss Cookies.

I am writing this today, yes, in my peoples’ blog- my people being all people, namely when it comes to education.However, the reason that I am writing this in my “Peoples” blog is because my specific people, at least some of us, need to learn to embrace this much – we are not stupid people, so please stop impressing that into the minds and hearts of your children. Embrace what is your own knowledge and allow it to become your Wisdom. There is no knowledge in hatred, no growth in it, and absolutely no wisdom to be had from an energy of hate. You think being educated is my way of letting the “haoles” indcotrinate me, but, the thing you do not realize is that I am actually not beating them, neither joining them, because I am part of their race, as much as you are, and that race, bruddahs, is the human race.

Get it straight, yeah?

I am big on getting smarter.

I am huge on people bettering their own life skills with things that interest their hearts and souls. You all already know that, for me, that would be studying the brain and everything about it, with particular focus being paid to the psychology of it all – cognition. I am not shy about it, either. I will share with complete strangers, things about this thing inside of our heads that we cannot see but know is there (Sun in the 8th House in Pisces…yup yup…). I learn about why we do the things that we do, know some things while other things we just do not grasp.

The one thing, though, that I study the brain for is to find out how we heal ourselves. Outside of our emotions, the only other way that we are harmed is by action, intended or not, by outer or “other than ourselves” circumstances. Everything else is literally in our heads. Certain areas of our heads dictate the goings on of our physical bodies…and this is how I coach and teach others about how their emotional lives have brought them a signal that something needs to be addressed.

Right now, education, knowledge, the brain, the mind and the future…these are the things that I have to ask you to ponder when you read this. I just heard the saddest thing in the world. The next door neighbor boy, who just turned 16, does not want to finish his high school education. I get it if there are people who do not want to go to college, but, the one thing that I feel too many kids rob themselves of is their time as kids. These are the guys who I am talking to right now. These are the ones, while, even as I respect their drive, they have got to realize that this is the only time in their lives that they’re going to be able to do this. You only get one shot at it guys. You don’t like it, I know, but, this is how you learn to become adults, and more, learn to become You, as that adult. How you emotionally conduct yourselves now is how you will always emotionally conduct yourselves. You don’t know this yet. Right now all you know is that you feel everything around you going on, and you want to taste it, just for a second.

I get it. I do.

You get to do that.

You don’t have to rush to get there. It – whatever it is – is going to be there still when you are pau with high school.

I cannot impress upon anyone who is still in high school who is contemplating not finishing and going to straight to the world of work – please don’t do that. I know you are bored. We were all bored. We had to do it, too, but, when we did it, we didn’t have all these cool things that you have now. We had to actually do the work, and did not have phones to record our lectures with. You guys have it so good it is unreal. I know that even as the curriculum sucks, you are okay.

You’re kids.

You want to stay kids for as long as you can do that. Adulting, as it is stated, sucks.

You might think that I am telling you this because I want everyone to have an education, but, that is the last thing that I will encourage all people to do. I know that college is not for everyone. It does not mean that there is not anything out there for you at all – you are the very ones who we need to jump right into the workforce out of high school. You do not realize how important you are going to be by that time. Do go and get your self known right now. Do what you have to do to secure it but dammit, kids, please, do not do it without also doing what is going to be your fondest memories when you are a lot older, and perhaps when you have kids of your own.

Please finish high school. It is that important.

Not everyone becomes an immediate success in life by going from the middle of high school and into the work world. Some of us are meant for that, but, ALL of us are meant for the times in our lives that we will not ever have again. I mean, yeah – all of our lives is like that anyway but, being a kid is special, and what makes it that much more special is the soul feed that you get from this time in your life. Please, don’t miss out on it. You think it’s stupid now, but you won’t when it is your own kids.

College is not for all of us. Childhood, is, and if you shorten your childhood, believe me when you read what I write next….


Think in these terms – if you go to work before you are finished with high school, you have shortened your childhood. If you shorten your childhood, you will inevitably miss out on the things that most of your friends who are still in school, who have jobs and dreams and friends and the like, and who will continue on to graduation, won’t. I know that there are a few among you who will just not finish, and it is those guys who are totally very special. They are old souls, here to complete their karma. Not all of us are like that. All of us have dreams and hopes.

Getting back to my line of thought…if you cut short your childhood, you will, inevitably, also cut short your adulthood, meaning that you will cut short your life, and you might not live as long as your peers who have finished.

This is not a far fetched and out of my mind thought. It is the way that Indigenous healers have thought for many, many centuries – it is not the body that rules the mind. It is the thought process and the mind that rule the body. You were meant to be walked to this time in your lives so that you could be eased into what is a very ugly, real existence, and I am sorry – you are not ready for the world right now. The world, as you all well know, will chew you up and spit you out and not give a damn about you tomorrow. Finishing being a kid will allow you to sharpen your vision in terms of intuition, in terms of being smart enough to know who you are and what you want and what you will and will not tolerate.

Work part-time, but don’t quit school..don’t quit bein’a kid.

There are a lot of things that you can be doing right now, but the one thing that you gotta do, right now, is be a kid. Part of being a kid is going to school. Part of learning to be the adult you are going to become starts when you are a kid. I would never know that the reason that I love the brain today is because I have loved the brain and how it works since I was a little girl. I have always been this me, always been this inquisitive. I would not be this me, though, if I did not have the emotional experience that is going all the way and completing K – 12. I am not just saying this because I plan on teaching at the college level when my requirements for that are done. I am saying this because when we shorten our childhood, shorten that time we need to be the kids that we are, we shorten our lives.

Basically, and indeed, this would  be the scientific me speaking to you all right now – when you shorten your childhood, you will ultimately and also shorten your life. If you shorten your life, you will ultimately die younger than you are meant to. 

We are not in the day, neither the age when human beings lived to a ripe old age of 42. We are now defying that number times two on average, so why are any one of you trying to get there faster? Money is going to be made by you, no matter what, but, you can only be a kid one time. It doesn’t suck being a kid. Being young is not a curse. It is a time when you are learning about what you will do with all of who you are, one part of you at a time. If you skip out on parts of you that are meant to be created during childhood, you will kill off the potential of that part of you, of that person who you are that you will not ever know about if you choose to shorten your childhood. Please don’t do that. We need your imagination. We need your intuition. We need you to be this you – this kid who is you.

You need you to be this you, because the you who you are going to become also needs you to be this version of you. You need to be with people your own age, not out in the world making temporary dollars that you have exchanged for the permanence of the memories that you will not be able to look back on that did not look like work. Please go be a kid.

To those with whom I share an indigenous ancestry with, please take these words to the very heart of you – please don’t die young. We need you to be kids right now. We need you to dream and hope and imagine yourself in the future. We need you just to live, breathe and be young, because without this young you, you are not dreaming of a better world. This version of you is building the next version of you, and that version needs you to understand that no matter how much more glamorous the world of work might seem, it is anything but. Without this inner compass called imagination, you will stunt your spiritual growth, and you will cut off the life force that is vital to you, vital to this planet, vital to the core being of the human race.

Please, auhea wale ana oe…pay attention…

Please do your job, which is the only job that you need to worry about right now…please, just be a kid…

The world depending on it that you will….





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