Aloha Mai E…9th Island Style


We here on the 9th island have a lot of different ways of doing things apart from the ways that we have each and all been taught to be, in terms of being Hawai’ian.

To be Hawai’ian means that it is expected of us to behave in a certain manner, to do certain things and to, at all times, even when we are hurting, even when we are angry, no matter what – even when it is hard to do, we are born to show Aloha, to give Aloha of the unconditional sort, and to always, always remember this.

It is our Kuleana to live in the Light of Aloha, to be the representation of that which is the Breath of Life – this is what the word “Aloha” actually means – Breath of Life. I like believing that no matter where I go, I show the world my Aloha Soul. We ought to all be showing every bit of our Souls to the world.

Aloha Mai E, at least to this Kahu, translates to the same thing that Namaste  (“I Bow to The Divine in You”) means in the Hindu language. This is the thing that we have here – diversity. This is not saying that there is no diversity in the islands, because I know there is. I am just saying that we here on the 9th have an endlessness of this thing called diversity, this thing that is so dearly needed, all over the world, if for nothing more than a simple reminder that we are all here on this planet to share in the joy of the life experience. Lots and lots of us are weary, and I am not only talking about other Hawai’ians – I am talking about humankind as a whole. We are frikkin’ tired.

I know that it is really not that easy to be nice to people right now. Right now sucks okole, but, right now, as we all know, is all we really have. So, right now, in this very moment, it might be a good idea for us each and all to remember who we are and what we are and what we are meant to do – we are Kanaka Maoli…Hawai’ians…it is our birthright to proudly wear our Aloha Soul on our sleeves.

Yet too many of us don’t do that. Too many of us have chosen, instead, to grab onto the ideals that not but a bit over two hundred years ago, we were fighting like hell to not have to do…which was convert, and accept that we were somehow lesser than the people who showed up and took away what was ours.

The Land and more…our very identity.

Here we are, in the Now, and look at us.

There are some of us who are liking fighting with us here, and there really is no need for it, at all. All We Need is Love (The Beatles…you know it). All we need, really, is to never forget that we were put in place as the people of the Aloha Soul. We are the epitome of what is meant to be seen and known as Alo’ha. 

So….today…remember who you are, what you are, why you are here…all us mainland Kanaka Maoli…

… let the 9th island Maoli Sun, the backdrop of the Foothills, the blue sky above, and all of those damned freeways be your ‘Aina.

Let the light of Aloha be the thing that people see instead of only the scowls that we each and all who are human, and right at this moment, be what pours out from every pore of you.

Let the Love within be the thing that the world you call your own be all and only what people see, what they remember.

Live by the Wiccan Rede… “Do as ye will, but do no harm…” which, in our culture, is the tantamount energy, the very sort that we each and all not only need for ourselves, but more, need to give…yes…NEED to give. Without this exchange of vital Aloha energies, our souls will suffer.

No be scared – try the Threefold rule...practice the art of Aloha, live in the energy that is Aloha Mai E and make sure that it is pure and sweet like li hing mui fruit salad, and so long as the Aloha is pure, you can expect to get it back times three.

Practice the Law of Reciprocation, the Law of Attraction, and give, give, give the Aloha, because that which you give most surely you will also receive.

Have your souls not suffered enough already? Have we not, collectively, as a people, had enough of the hatred that was never truly ours to begin with, and have we not already found ourselves to be, as a whole, disastrously exhausted, deep in the bones of the soul, enough so that we would want to try something else?

We should be practicing the Art of Aloha.

All of us.

No be scared…

..instead be Sacred…it fits better.








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