The Aloha Challenge

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As the People of Aloha, the last thing that ought to be a challenge is showing Aloha.

I just posted this graphic on my Facebook profile wall today, and also in a lot of the groups that I am part of on that site, and indeed, the majority of those groups are the sort where island people take part in so as to feel a bit closer to their ohana.

The reason for this second blog (which rarely happens because I write so damned many blogs) is because, as I stated in all of those posts,with this graphic in particular, that as the people who are born with the spirit of Aloha inherent within us (or so it is supposed to be this way) we are meant to know how to employ the energy called Ho’oponopono. The unfortunate thing is, though, that too very many of us who are Maoli have taken on this energy that is akin to that of sincere and severe hatred, or at least very severe resentment, and lots of times it is more misunderstanding than is much else.

The Pledge of Aloha (and the idea that somehow, it has been forgotten about)

The words on the graphic shows what Hawai’ian children in the ‘Aina (as well as I am sure that many here also do now) pledge, which basically tells us that, as Hawai’ian people, from a very young age, that we are, indeed, the very ambassadors of Aloha, the very People of the Aloha Spirit and the ones granted the gift of unconditional Love meant to be shared with the world. Since there has been this ongoing movement towards sovereignty, it seems to a whole lot of us that this Pledge of Aloha has been cast to the side, with a lot of us preferring to fight over something that unless we buy it, it cannot be ours – the land.

As much as it hurts to read this, it is the very truth. Rather than our banding together to make us stronger by means of numbers (there are a WHOLE LOT OF US ON THIS PLANET) and rather than those who see us here on this side of the ocean as being traitors (as though those of us born here are somehow damaged because ours is a mainland birth certificate, rather than one from Hawai’i), there are those of us, as I already mentioned, who are more inclined to take on their own personal mission to ensure that those of us here on the 9th Island are convinced that we are not real Hawai’ians, that our Kanaka Maoli hearts and souls are somehow damaged because our parents, or perhaps their parents, as did my grandparents, were doing damage to the culture because they chose to venture out into the world.

Rather than doing what, by right of our birth as Kanaka Maoli, which is to share Aloha with the world, there are still a whole lot of us who prefer the ignorance, the misplaced arrogance, the very idea that since they were taught how to hate, that it is the hatred for those who came to the islands and took them from our people, that this energy of hate is meant to be carried on and down through the generations, as though it is the only real thing that we are supposed to do – fight for what is ours.

I understand this fight, but, there is a whole lot of misplacement in it all, with the major part of that misplacement being held over the heads of people who needed to move to the mainland for whatever reason it was that they had to. It is no one’s fault that the government took what was ours, and the idea that people leaving Hawai’i for reasons that are no one’s business but their own is instead because those who wanted to or needed to move did so out of attrition for the people who remained there. This is so not the truth.

Ours is not only a generational heartache, but, it is also an historical one, too. Ours is not only a hatred born of assumptions based completely upon the lies told in US history textbooks and more, the misunderstanding of pain seen more and only as what it is not – the chance to strike out at people and generally just be shitty human beings, but also is, in some cases, filled with holes and made up stories, misguided ideals about what is the actual truth of things, and most of all, a level of thinking that is both immature as well as stupid (Mahalo to you, Professor Mike), and is both of these because it is a chosen, rather than an actual, thing to hate one’s own people for.

It is a black eye…no…more like a big black freckle on the skin of an over-ripe banana…you can smell the icky-sweetness of the forced and fake kine aloha, the nature of the thing that is rotting in the hands of the few, even as it is edible and some people might find it palatable. Even as they do not want to eat the banana, they are not seeing what the banana can become – they are only looking at the big black freckle and imagining tiny flies coming for their own insect luau in the form of that over-ripened fruit.

They do not see the smoothies, neither the banana daquiris or the desserts that the banana can, even in its over-ripened form, become, so long as those holding the banana get the help to make these things from people who might know a thing or two about it.

In that same manner, this hatred is past the stage of the over-ripened banana, has become fuzzy and nasty with the rotting and fermenting properties which happen to all things which will pass from this world…yes, even over-ripened bananas with big giant freckles and tiny little flies around it. This is the nicest way that I can put this whole…”us vs. them” thing going on. It is one of the very most heart wrenching and maddening things to have to think about, to have to endure – the abuse had by lots of us here on the mainland, for whatever reason it is that those who are not like the most of the people at home in the ‘Aina, which is nothing short of loveliness on the grandest scale of Aloha that there could be, are actually like.

It is the few who want to point out to all of us how damaged they – the few – want us here to believe and to think that we are, and they are very good at it, reminding us how much they believe we are the fakest Kanaka Maoli people on the planet, let alone residing in the universe alongside them. Most of the time theirs is a one-sided fight, the sort that keeps the entirety of the message hidden so that those who are in agreement with them can communicate in code, believing, maybe, that if they keep their intentions hidden, they will be victorious in what is actually ALL OF OUR FIGHT…why we are thought of as damaged, or traitorous, or not the real kine Hawai’ians is way beyond my own scope of thought…and lemme tell you what, guys – I am one of those thinkin’ sort…I have to be. I am Kahuna, yes, on the Mainland, in the very tradition passed down to me by my teachers, and not all of those teachers are, themselves, Hawai’ian Kahuna.

Yet, that does not matter, because when was it ever truly a bad thing to know about the ways of others, so that we, as well, might be able to educate them about ourselves as Kanaka Maoli?

The Challenge

I dislike using it as a challenge, the idea that as Hawai’ian…as Polynesian people from whatever island chain our ancestry originates from…we have to be cajoled and talk-into it, the sharing of Aloha on a global scale.

Our Ancestors – the ‘Aumakua – entrusted us with this Kuleana, and a whole shitload of us have chosen to believe that we have to be separate, because they think we are wrong, fake, not being the realest Hawai’ians we can possibly be. And to all of you Hanai Kanaka Maoli and those who love our ways but still want to educate us on your opinion of this whole…sovereignty thing – the ones who are convinced that I am making more of this than I ought to. I implore you…when, again, was it that your ancestors were made to feel like less than they are, were made homeless in their own country, were called savages and heathens, and when was it that you did not enjoy the aloha you have been shown here, by us, your fellow mainlanders, and more, at what time in your lives did you NOT enjoy everything about Hawai’i, including our people?

When was it that you were, by right of your ancestry, meant to take the abuses given to you by your own people, and most of all, when will it be that you will each and all stop with the madness of telling us each and all how to feel?

We are owed, make no mistake, and the more that we are told to just give up, to enjoy our American selves, the more it is that we will, at least on my end of this planet, and because I have come a very long way in NOT being bullied, specifically by my own kind – yeah …when is it going to be okay that we, as the indigenous souls that we are, going to be told, by any one of you, that ours is a noble fight, rather than constantly telling us that “it ain’t gonna happen” ?

We already KNOW that land acquisition will not ever happen, but really, I would like to know who you think YOU are, NOT in making any one of us feel just that much weaker than lots of us already feel (myself NOT included), but, instead, RESPECTING THAT THIS IS SOMETHING THAT STRIKES THE VERY CORE OF THE EACH OF US AS KANAKA MAOLI? I ask you, those of you who try hard to make us see things from your westernized and limited thinking, to ask yourselves how you would feel if this was about your native origins.

You probably would be really angry every time someone NOT of your same ancestry had the very fucking nerve to try, like all others have, will, still do, to make us once again conform to the westernized ideal that if something is wanted, for whatever purpose it is wanted for, that the biggest bullies have the right to take it, no matter who they are taking it from. Ask your damned selves if it would be this important, and ask your damned selves if giving up a global fight for what is right and is the upholding of a collective Kuleana that you, as people NOT of Polynesian ancestry, would be willing to let go of even the tiniest hope that at the very little least, yours would be recognized as a people and as who you truly are?

I am willing to bet that yours would be a fight like that of Donald Trump – the sort that makes you red faced, your blood pressure soaring, and every expletive you could think of, because someone came along and stole your shit…and the truth is also that you would likely get all stupid and immature like a lot of people, including a lot of my own people, end up behaving like – large as life renditions of rich idiots with nothing better to do than to assume that you know what you are talking about when in reality, the only thing that you are proving is your depth of ignorance.

The challenge, guys, is simple – to #LiveALOHA, and to get other people to do the same thing. Challenge other Polys, and of course, challenge those who are NOT born of the Aloha Soul, whose lives were NOT meant to be the ambassadors of Aloha, even as their lives have been enriched by our icons, our customs, and wrong use of our language.

Take the challenge…share this blog with others and ask them to do the same thing. The Soul of Aloha is not dying, but, is in need of some very dear emergency services….







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